Ethan in Gold – Johnnies #3
Bookreview / May 31, 2015

Ethan in Gold is part 3 in the Johnnies series by Amy Lane. Once again we learn more about one of the stars at Johnnies and the life they have outside of porn. At a very young age Evan Costa learned that love is never unconditional and that you should learn to make do with what you get instead of what you want. His mother is very controlling and that makes the whole family suffer. Never once is he touched lovingly by anyone and that leaves deep scars. But when Evan becomes Ethan and works as a porn model for Johnnies he gets exactly what he wants. Lots of physical contact and love, or as close as possible to it. For now he is happy with what he gets. Until he meets Jonah Stevens, who works at the local pet store. Jonah has done nothing in his life but help other people and is very shy about his body. He has almost no confidence in himself. He looks at Evan like a man, not as a porn star. Ethan looks at Jonah like a kindred spirit, but not as relationship material. He would never be good enough for Jonah and…

Dex in Blue – Johnnies #2
Bookreview / May 31, 2015

Dex in Blue is part 2 in the Johnnies series and plays out in the same background as Chase in Shadow, part 1. Ten years ago, David Worral had it al. But because of some freak accident he lost it all and ran away. He is now Dex, who works at Johnnies. He started off as a pornstar, but is now right hand to the owner and the guy who takes care of everything, basically running the company. One night, he meets Kane, who is also working at the business, but looses his house and is looking for a place to stay. Dex offers him a bed for a few nights, just until he finds something else. What could be the harm in that? Kane is a big and muscular guy, but very very friendly indeed. But then one thing leads to another and the two boys end up in bed together. They find they fit together very much and can’t live without each other any more. But both guys have troubled pasts and must learn to live with that and their past. Will they be able to heal each other and find love together? I also liked part 2…

Chase in Shadow – Johnnies #1
Bookreview / May 30, 2015

Chase in Shadow is part 1 in the Johnnies series by Amy Lane and is all about the world of gay for pay. Straight boys who go gay for money and do things they would never do in real life. Or would they? Chase Summers seems to be the perfect boy. Nice girlfriend, plenty of friends and a good future ahead of him. But he wants to do special things for his girlfriend and that costs money. So one day he decides to answer an add for Johnnies, a gay porn movie house. They pay him plenty of money to have sex on film and on the internet and nobody has to know about it. But when the job starts, Chase realises he has feelings inside of him that he never wanted to admit. And when he meets Tommy Halloran on set, all those feelings come out with a vengeance. But if he wants to be with Tommy he will have to leave his girlfriend and tell everyone the truth about him. Will he be able to do that and will everyone understand what he feels inside. Chase is getting more and more desperate until one night he does something…

Billy – A Southern Thing #4
Bookreview / May 25, 2015

Billy is part 4 in the A Southern Thing series by Sara York. It focuses completely on Billy, the younger brother of Jack who had the lead role in the first three parts. It is a nice book and all, but as far as I ¬†am concerned it doesn’t add anything to the series and I really wonder why there had to be a part 4 in the first place. Billy Miller has always been the odd one out. He refuses to commit to just one gender. Sometimes he likes to wear a dress just because it feels good. And sometimes he wears boy clothes when he is in the mood. No body seems to bother, but Billy is afraid he will never meet a guy who understands him and lets him do these things if he wants too. And then he meets Sawyer Fredericks, who goes to school with him. Billy likes him a lot and Sawyer makes his interest in Billy quite obvious. But there is something weird with Sawyer and Billy cannot put his finger on it. Jack is also concerned and wants his younger brother to be careful and not just put his faith in the…

Knight of Ocean Avenue – Love in Laguna #1
Bookreview / May 25, 2015

Knight of Ocean Avenue is a book by Tara Lain and I LOVE this book. Very very romantic from beginning to end, totally relatable characters and so very well written it was a pleasure to read it. Billy Ballew is 25 years old and has no idea he is gay until now. A disaster in the dating area, more worried about his parents, putting his sisters through college and coaching his Little League team. So whatever could be wrong with him then? But when his sister is getting married, he meets Shaz or Chase Williams, an up and coming designer and stylist who is very gay in every sense of the way. Shaz thinks Billy is the most beautiful guy on the planet, but he will never be seen with a major queen like Chase Williams. Even if Billy turns out to be gay, he will surely want someone else who is more like him. Or will he? Secretly Billy admires Shaz in the greatest way, but does he want to be seen with a flamboyant gay man like that. What will his parents think? Or the people he works with in construction? Billy is busy starting up his own…

Checking Out Love
Bookreview / May 24, 2015

Checking Out Love is a novel by R. Cooper and is in part about a library and a librarian. And as library lover and a librarian myself, I could not resist reading this. And it wasn’t bad, but also not very much worth remembering. Jeremy is a grad student with a great thirst for knowledge. And right now he is very interested in the local librarian, Benj, who works in a very small library and is always hiding away between his books and very rarely talks to anyone. Jeremy is determined to get him out of his shell and starting a romance with him. But Jeremy is too smart for his own good and he is afraid that will scare guys away when they run out of things to talk about. So what can he do? I read a few other things by this author and all her books an roughly the same. Sweet but not very great… So I would recommend this if you have a few hours to spare and want a quick read to pass the time… Find R. Coopers personal blog here, but remember some parts might be NSFW in nature.