Guest Blog – Justin Edison
Author Interview , Bookteaser / November 30, 2015

As I promised when I wrote the review for his book The Churning, Justin Edison has agreed to write a guest blog for me. In it, he tells a little more about the book and where the idea for the story came from. Take it away, Justin. “The Churning” is the story of what happens when a professional athlete—a soccer star—is kidnapped and forced to endure trials of retribution. Ensnared by a sexy temptress, drugged and dragged off, Arman Hessabi wakes to find himself blindfolded and chained to a chair, somewhere in Europe. Then, as we meet his four captors, his troubles really begin. The idea for the sports-kidnapping story came from a brainstorm. In my first book, “Watching the World Fall,” the hero was an antihero—the one doing the kidnapping, albeit for understandable (however criminal) reasons. With “The Churning” I thought it would be fun to turn the tables on a real egomaniac. Hessabi is a talented prince among men who has the wealth, fame and women a Premier League career offers. But he’s also lost sight of what it means to be human and to be valued for something other than his playing abilities. Here, he’s stripped down…

The Churning
Blogtour , Bookreview , Bookteaser / November 30, 2015

The Churning is a novel by Justin Edison and was sent to me as an ARC requesting a review. I gladly accepted, and read the book last week. Here’s my take on the story. Arman Hessabi is a young, handsome and rich English football player. He is Persian American and takes in all he can get. He really thinks he has deserved all the things coming to him, the alcohol, the women, the money and all the winnings. He lives his life to the fullest and enjoys every minute of it. Until the day he finds himself chained to a chair and surrounded by enemies. Where is he and how did he get here? And most of all, what does he need to do to escape? When he first wakes up he is blindfolded and has no idea where he is or how he got there. Some vague memories of a blond woman and a lot of alcohol, but after that nothing. Let me start of by saying I really don’t like football and have no idea about the rules or how the game is played. And that is what I would really recommend for anyone reading this story, a…

Where Wishes Go
Bookreview / November 29, 2015

Where Wishes Go is a novel by S.A. McAuley. It explores the possibility of a second chance at your first love. Is that even possible? Nick Paine has been married to his wife Shelly for a long time, but finally admitted that he is really gay. So he came out to her and asked her for a divorce. He still loves his ex wife very much and his daughter Katie even more, but he has never been able to forget his first love, the one who got away 14 years ago. Adam “Izzi” Azzi is an artist who has just starting to be recognized. His daughter Miriam is young and healthy, he found a mosque that accepts him for who and what he is and his life is finally turning out for the best. He has made many mistakes and errors in the past, but he doesn’t want to look back at that and disturb the balance he has found. It is by pure luck that Nick and Adam are reunited again, however they both try to forget about the other one. The attraction between them is still as strong as it ever was and there is no denying about…

Bookreview / November 24, 2015

Screwups is a novel by Jamie Fessenden and once again the author has managed to write a sweet romantic story that will speak to many people. I really liked the story when I read it. Jake Stewart is starting his third year at the University and he is feeling absolutely miserable. He is a successful business major, but that is not where is heart lies. He really wants to study art, but his father will cut him off immediately if he does that. And also he is terrified of telling his father he is gay, for the same reason. But after a long time he finally works up the courage to move into the creative dorm on campus. And that is where he meets Danny, his new and openly gay roommate. Danny Sullivan has been out since high school and he has no problems with his sexuality. So when his new roommate Jake moves in, Danny is immediately attracted to him. But he is very sure Jake is straight and will never be anything more than a friend to him. Plus something bad has happened in Danny’s past, something he refuses to talk about, but it still gives him nightmares….

Blogtour , Bookteaser / November 23, 2015

Once again Riptide Publishing has made me a part of a blog tour, this time for the wonderful new book Stranded by HelenKay Dimon. Personally I think it sounds like a great book, so I urge everyone to buy it as soon as you can. And this novel is also part of the Riptide’s 2015 charity titles, which means that 20 percent of the proceeds will be donated to charity. An extra reason to buy this book ! About the Book Cabe got out of the gun-for-hire business the hard way—by nearly dying. Except then his former boss calls in one last favor for one final job. The mission should be simple: get a message to a retired operative in Alaska. But it puts Cabe face-to-face with the one man he doesn’t want to see and can never forget. Not after all the secrets and lies. Not after Brax almost killed him. Brax Hughes lived hard and retired young to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Well, that was the plan, but before he can hang up his sniper rifle, he has one last mission: win back Kyle Cabe. Brax wants another chance, wants to come clean, but after months of…

Billy’s Bones
Bookreview / November 22, 2015

Billy’s Bones is a novel by Jamie Fessenden and it is by far one of the best stories I recently read. The story is gripping, the characters are great and at points it almost made me cry. I really really recommend this story to each and everyone of you. Tom Langois is a psycho therapist in a small town and is quite happy with his life, but something is missing. Then one day, in walks Kevin Derocher, still hiding the bruise around his neck where he tried to hang himself. Kevin is newly married, baby on the way and still he tried to hang himself in the garage. After their first consult, Kevin bolts out and Tom is sure he will never see the guy again in his life. But three years Kevin shows up again at Toms house to do some repairs. It doesn’t take long for the men to become friends and spend a lot of time together. Tom feels obliged to tell Kevin he is gay, to prevent any misunderstandings. Kevin says he doesn’t care about that, he just needs a friend. But the guy is very open and pretty soon insists on walking around naked whenever…