The Bazaar of Bad Dreams
Bookreview / December 28, 2015

As you all know I have been a Stephen King fan for decades and I think I can say I read pretty much everything he ever wrote. Some books are great, some books are bad, but they have all provided for a great read. I have also said that I think King has never been the same again after his accident and I still stand by that. This collection of short stories is the latest addition to the lot and it hasn’t proven me wrong. The stories are great don’t get me wrong, but to me they are not up to the level they were before the accident. Some of the stories would fall in the horror category, but most of them are just weird or twisted. A few of them even made me think twice before I understood what they were trying to say. And that alone is something I can admire, I hate stories that just pass through your memories without leaving a trace or thought. Each story in this book is introduced by the master himself, explaining why he wrote this story and what his motivation was behind the story. I actually like these little things, as…

If Only in My Dreams
Bookreview / December 27, 2015

If Only in My Dreams is the latest Christmas themed novel by Keira Andrews, still one of my favorite authors to date. This story was on my list for quite some time, but I didn’t get around to it until recently. And all I can say is what a great story it is. So sweet, so romantic and so totally fitting for this time of year. I love it !! Charlie Yates promised his little sister Ava he would be home for Christmas and he is determined to do anything to make that happen. But when he gets to the airport everything is closed down because of some major snow storm. He decides to rent a car and drive across the country, but someone took the last rental car away just seconds before him. Luckily he knows the guy that rented it, but it is the guy he swore never to lay eyes on again after what happened between them. Gavin Bloomberg was Charlies childhood friend, until something happened between them and he was afraid to admit to the truth. He has been regretting this ever since but never got a chance to make it up again. Until he runs…

Nobody’s Son – Sons #3
Bookreview / December 26, 2015

Nobody’s Son is part 3 in the Sons series by Shae Connor. I already read part 1 and part 2, so this part was definitely on my TBR list. Part 3 focuses on Shaun Rogers, who we already met in the previous parts. Every other character from par 1 and 2 will return also, but only to serve as background for the story. And I can say part 3 is a great addition to the series, I read it with great pleasure. Shaun Rogers has a job working the front desk of a “clothing optional” gay resort, owned by his friend Jimmy. Shaun is also gay, but nobody knows that yet. Or at least not that many people know about it. Shaun is afraid most of all to tell his religious grandmother, afraid of what she will say. He still lives in her basement after his mother died. He doesn’t even know who his father is. One day in walks Conrad “Con” Brooks to install a new IT system in the resort. Shaun is immediately drawn to the older IT guy, but afraid to act on his feelings. It could never lead anywhere after all and he is not one…

Corruption of Power
Bookreview / December 25, 2015

Corruption of Power is a novel by G.W. Eccles and it was send to me as an ARC, requesting a review. It is part 2 in the Leksin series, Alex Leksin being an independent troubleshooter who is available for hire and can solve all your problems if you pay him enough. In this novel he is hired by Russian Prime Minister Saidov to aid in a plan that will make Russia less dependent on Europe, since they think Europe is an unreliable partner in every way. President Karpev wants to shift the balance of power by placing his energy market to the east and not the west. In order to do so he needs to build a pipeline through Turkmenistan and Afghanistan to be able to access these markets. In 12 days the contract for the pipeline will be signed, but some people are hell bent on not letting in get that far. The stakes are high and tensions are constantly close to explosion level. And to make things worse, wherever Leksin goes to investigate, somebody wants to kill him and make sure he doesn’t reach his goal. Saidov wants Leksin to find out who is behind all of this,…

Real World – Bend or Break #5
Bookreview / December 24, 2015

Real World is part 5 in the Bend or Break series by Amy Jo Cousins. Now as we all know I am a huge fan of the series and that hasn’t changed with this part. I already participated in the cover reveal for this book right here, and finally I read the book for real. And all I can say is “Wow, she did it again….” I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books and that will never change. In part 1 we met Tom Worthington who was so afraid of people finding out about his criminal father, it nearly paralyzed him. He totally withdrew from the world and nearly lost his boyfriend Reese Anders because of it. And now, 5 years later, it starts all over again. Tom’s father is about to be released from prison and is reaching out to his son to reconnect. His father has not changed and still thinks he did nothing wrong and was falsely accused of his crimes. Tom is torn apart over making the choice. The man is still his father, but he doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. Should he go and visit him or not? Reese is stuck in a…

Play On – Glasgow Lads #0.5
Bookreview / December 23, 2015

Play On is the first novel in the new Glasgow Lads series by Avery Cockburn (I really do hope it is an alias). The series is made up of several books who can all be read separately but are set in the same background. We focus on an LGBT soccer team in Glasgow where all team members find love one by one. And this first one is a major promise for the rest to come…. Duncan Harris is a member of a LGBT soccer team, out and proud. But now his team is ripped apart by scandal and trouble. Their captain deserted them in the sight of victory and now they need a way to find each other again or lose the team forever. And for Duncan there is only one person who can ground him again and bring him back to where he needs to be. Brodie Campbell was bullied by his schoolmates in a small village, so he was really deep in the closet when he came out to Glasgow. Once at the university he came out and is now proud of what he is and who he is. But all the abuse has left mental scars that…