Ice – Salisbury Stories #2
Bookreview / August 31, 2016

Ice is the second part in the Salisbury Stories series. I already read part 1and so of course I had to read part 2 as well. R.J. Scott was kind enough to provide me with an ARC and I read it with great pleasure. For those of you who already read part 1 the background of the story will be well known. In the end of part 1 there was a great fire and part of the restaurant was destroyed and is now being rebuild. To do that Jonathan Ellis is hired. He is the owner of Ageless Wood Restorations and therefore cut out for a job like this. But the work is too much and he needs help. So when Greg Drakowski comes through town and offers his help he gladly accepts it. And of course it also helps the guy is cute as hell. But Greg is after something completely different and when he gets what he wants he intends to leave town again and never come back. Greg is having feelings towards Jonathan he has never had before for anyone and now he doesn’t know what to do. Will he stay and be happy or find the…

Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology
Bookreview / August 30, 2016

Troublemaker is the biography of actress Leah Remini, well known for her lead role in King of Queens. In this story she tells us all about her youth, her career and how she got into Scientology and eventually got out again. She has been with the church for over 30 years and is therefore able to give an inside view from what happened inside of the organization and with its members. I have never been a fan of King of Queens, but of course I know who Leah Remini is. But I never thought she could tell a story about her life and make it so interesting, funny and readable. It was a great story from beginning to end and I loved it. She broke with Scientology in 2013 very loudly and publicly. She entered the church as a child with her mother and her sister. She was always dreaming of becoming an actress and thought that Scientology could help her with getting there. Pretty soon she climbed high up in the hierarchy of the church and was  on the same level as Tom Cruise. She even went to his wedding with Katie Holmes. But she also saw things wrong…

Silver & Black – Silver & Black #1
Bookreview / August 29, 2016

Silver & Black by Tyler May is all about what happens when the boss of a big coffee chain falls in love with one of his employees. Could there be a future there for either one of them? Brian Silver is the CEO of the largest coffee house chain in the world, Silver Coffee. He grew up in wealth and is used to always having whatever he needs whenever he needs it.But somehow he always wanted more. And now when is health is failing him he realizes that money and business won’t give him what he needs. Greyson Black works as a barista in one of the Silver Coffee shops. He wants to finish school and find the best path in the world for him. But when Brian Silver the CEO makes an unexpected stop at the store, the world is changing for Greyson. Now there is only one thing Silver wants and he will do whatever it takes to get him. When the two men are together sparks fly, but when they are apart the doubts set in. Will there be a future for them or are they just to different to ever be together? I loved the story…

The Butch and the Beautiful – Queers of La Vista #2
Blogtour , Bookteaser / August 25, 2016

Hi, I’m Kris and welcome to the blog tour for The Butch and the Beautiful, book two in my awesome queer soap opera! Enjoy the blog tour! About The Butch and the Beautiful Jaq Cummings is a high school teacher who really wants a committed relationship—as long as it doesn’t keep her out late on school nights or interrupt Sunday mass with her dad. She is absolutely not about to fall for the hot-mess divorcée she hooks up with even if said hot mess pushes all her buttons. Jaq’s white knight days are over. But one hookup with Hannah becomes two, then coffee, then more incredibly hot sex. And unlike most of Jaq’s exes, Hannah’s not looking for someone to come on strong. In fact, Hannah comes on plenty strong enough for both of them. But she’s just out of a disastrous marriage, she’s in the process of moving across the state, and Jaq can’t take a chance on yet another relationship where she defaults to being a caregiver instead of a partner. Just when Jaq decides her relationship with Hannah is far too precarious, a crisis with a student reminds her of her priorities and makes it clear that sometimes,…

Test Drive – Crossroads #3
Bookreview / August 24, 2016

Test Drive is part 3 in the wonderful Crossroads series by Riley Hart. After reading part 1 and part 2 I knew I had to read this third part as well. In this new part we learn a little more about two of the men in the Crossroads universe, namely Justin Evanson and Drew Sinclair. When Justin learns his father has cancer and he has siblings he never knew he had, he drops everything and moves to be with his father in his final days. Once there he quickly sees a man he can’t get out of his head, Drew. But when he learns Drew is his new found sisters brother-in-law he must determine if he wants to go on or not. Drew never thought he would meet a guy as wonderful as Justin, but there is something about the man he just cannot place. He is drawn to him like nothing ever before, but will he be able to give Drew the support he needs in this time of need? Can this thing between them be real or is  it just a test drive before they are forced to separate. As expected I loved this new part just as much…

The Paradise Ghetto
Blogtour , Bookteaser / August 21, 2016

The Paradise Ghetto is the powerful new novel by Fergus O’Connell. As you know I am very interested in WW2 and all stories related to it. So I really like this novel for sure. A moving story about two young women deported to a German concentration camp   About the Book:  In 1944 two young Dutch women, Julia and Suzanne, are deported to the German concentration camp for so-called privileged Jews at Theresienstadt. As an antidote to their appalling conditions, they begin to write a novel. At first, their novel is just an escape an imaginary world into which they can withdraw and find comfort but as their story unfolds, it becomes the way they communicate their feelings to each other and, ultimately, confront their own demons. They become convinced that the war will end when they finish their story, but it is the frenzied last year of the Final Solution. As the darkness gathers around them, they find themselves in a race not just to finish the novel but to find a means of survival. The Paradise Ghetto is the story of two people whose lives are drawn together in unimaginable circumstances, and a reflection on the part that…