Imago – Imago #1
Bookreview / August 5, 2017

Imago is part 1 in the new Imago series by one of my all time favourite authors N.R. Walker. As usual this one is set in Australia and it is a love story so sweet it will make your heart melt and leave with you with a smile for days. Once I started reading it, I just couldn’t stop until the end. Lawson Gale is an expert in the field of butterflies or a lepidopterist. He is a bit nerdy and introvert, but he always means well. At the request of an old professor he finds himself in a small town in Tasmania, looking for a species of butterfly that may or may not exist at all. If he finds it, it could be a career changing event. But what he never dreamed of finding was love. Jack Brighton works as a local Parks & Wildlife officer, living in the very small town of Scottsdale. He loves working out doors, and with his dog Rosemary living with him he has all he will ever need. Until he runs into a nerdy science guy called Lawson. There is so much more to this guy than butterflies and he desperately wants to…