His Royal Secret – His Royal Secret #1
Bookreview / August 7, 2017

Imagine a world where the crown prince of England is gay and desperately seeking for someone to fill the gap in his life. Always in the publics eye he is used to keeping up appearances. But being gay is the biggest secret of them all, and apart from a few people nobody knows about it. As far as the people go, James is straight and next in line for the throne of England. Lady Cassandra is his best friend and has always acted as his beard, pretending to be his girlfriend when needed and causing distraction when wanted. So far the deception has worked. James really wants to come out, but he knows he can’t. Because when he does, he will be removed from the line and the throne will fall to his sister Amelia. But Amelia has problems of her own and is in no way fit for the position. For her, James will keep the secret forever if he has to. While on a holiday in Kenya, James meets Benjamin Dahan, a reporter for a big newspaper. Fate forces them together for a while and soon James finds himself intrigued by Benjamin and wanting to know more about…