Tops Down, Bottoms Up
Bookreview / August 10, 2017

This book was send to me as an eARC by the wonderful Jay Northcote and he asked me to read it and review it. And of course I did, because I love Jay and will read anything he puts out. So here we go. Rowan is at the last place he wants to be, but he made a promise to a friend and so here he is. Stuck at some folk festival surrounded by people he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know, because it is totally not his scene. He can manage all the yoga and singing, but he draws the line at morris dancing. Old men dancing around with sticks, so not his thing. But when the group starts and he sees the big and sexy Seth, he might have to change his mind. Seth is everything he ever dreamed about, the man of his dreams. So when Seth asks him to join in a morris dancing workshop, he happily agrees. Attraction is mutual and pretty soon the sparks are flying and it is clear they both want each other A workshop leads to a night of passion, hastily interrupted when Rowan has to get back home, but…