Textual Relations
Bookreview / August 12, 2017

Henry Hathaway is a professor who spends his birthday the same every year. He gets his teeth cleaned and then has dinner with his brother. His has been like that for years and this year will be no difference. Or will it? In the middle of dinner with his brother he receives a text message confirming details of date with some one called Ash. Henry doesn’t know someone with that name, so the message must have been sent to the wrong person. But Henry does what any considerate person would do, he goes to the place of the date to explain to Ash what happened and why their date never showed up. Asher Wescott was set up with a blind date and he never expected it to go so well. He is very happy that Henry even showed up, and Asher thinks Henry is one the most charming men he ever met. So when Henry starts explaining what really happened, Asher is slightly disappointed. But for some reason the two men hit it off and a friendship is born. Will it ever be more than just that? Henry has always been sure he is straight, his one and only girlfriend…