A Fortunate Blizzard

December 9, 2015

imageI already posted about this book in the beginning of November, because I was part of the blogtour. But this time I read the story and decided I needed to give my own opinion about the story. Because boy what a story it was. So sweet, so lovely and it brought me close to tears at points. I urge anyone to read this story and enjoy it as much as I did.

Trevor Morrison is an artist and is really enjoying his life. And with good reason, as his days are numbered. He has been on the transplant list for ages and now his doctor tells him he needs a transplant soon or there is no point in trying anymore. Because of this he has decided romance is of the table for him, he could never put anyone through loosing him so soon.

Marcus Roberts is a high power attorney who is a true workaholic. Everything has to wait in order for him to make partner at his firm and he has been working day and night to get there. He has no time for friends, let alone romance. His family abandoned him long ago, so he is all alone in the world.

And now it is Christmas and the biggest snow storm ever hits Colorado and strands Trevor and Marcus at the same hotel, not going anywhere for quite some time. There is an instant connection between the two men and there chance meeting ends up in a night of heated passion. Both men are convinced nothing more will come from it and time certainly is not on their side.

Trevor runs away from Marcus before he wakes up and decides it is for the best that way. Why would Marcus want a guy like him, broken and probably dying soon. But Marcus isn’t able to get Trevor out of his head, even after he learns the truth about how much time Trevor has left in the world. Even if they are together for only a year, Marcus decides he is willing to go for it completely. But he really wants Trevor to live and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

This story really has everything a good Christmas romance story needs. Lots of snow, love, romance and two men desperately looking for a way to be together against all odds. At some points it almost made me cry, thinking about what these guys have to go through. What would I do if I knew I would be dying pretty soon? Would you let your last chance of romance escape or not?

You can find L.C. Chases personal website right here. This story is for sale at Riptide Publishing.

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