All Man

August 7, 2015

26030428All Man is the latest novel by one of my favorite authors, Jay Northcote. It is a spin off to Top Me Maybe, that was published earlier, but can be read as a separate story. And to say that Jay delivered again would be an understatement. I absolutely LOVED this story, as short as it sadly was. Official publication is on August 8, but Jay Northcote allowed me to read an ARC, for which I am very grateful.

In the story we meet Julian, or Jules as he prefers to be called. He works in a small salon, lusting after men he will never have, living together with his best friend. But one day in walks Gareth to fit in some new sinks for the salon. Jules is immediately in love with the man who is exactly his type. Gareth is exactly the opposite of Jules. very burly and manly, exactly what Jules likes.

Unfortunately Gareth is most likely straight, or so Jules thinks. Oh well, it can’t hurt to look and enjoy now can it.

When the weekend finally arrives, Jules and his best friend decide to check out some new gay club in town, drinking and dancing the night away as they usually do. After having a little to much to drink, Jules gets into trouble with a man who wants more than Jules is willing to give. But guess who is coming to his rescue?

Gareth is almost finished in the salon, so he has no more reason to be there. Jules has made his feelings very clear, but Gareth thinks it is all out of gratitude for saving him and it can never be the real thing. Now Jules needs to prove what his love his worth….

Only about 38 pages long, the story is over before you know it. But it has everything a good story needs. A crush, a rescue, lots of romance and even a little sex. All the makings of a great story and that is what it is. I very very much recommend this story to anyone, you will not be disappointed. Only now I am forced to read Top Me Maybe also, to know what happened before this one…

My favorite line from this novel would be this one “You’re the sleek little sports car to my Land Rover.” It describes exactly the difference between Gareth and Jules. Gareth being the all around typical English bloke, while Jules is the slightly feminine hairdresser who never expects to find love and romance. I could immediately relate to the story and the characters and that is very important to me for a good story.

You can find Jay Northcotes personal website here. This book is for sale at Amazon or Amazon UK.

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