Better Place – Rainbow Place #3

March 16, 2019

Better Place is part 3 in the Rainbow Place series by Jay Northcote, and once again he asked me to read and review this before it was published. So thank you very much Jay, for sending me the ARC.

Joe has recently been fired from work and is now trying his luck as a writer. The story is all in his head, he just has to get it out on paper. But his partner Harry is less than supportive and is constantly bugging him. And because Harry also has a drinking problem, Joe is trying to get away from home more and more. He just doesn’t have the courage yet to break it off completely.

But when he meets Dylan at Rainbow Place, while writing at a table in the cafe, he finally learns that he deserves so much more from life. Dylan is flirting with him, but because Joe is still not single he is afraid to take it any further. Slowly a friendship is forming and as Dylan learns more and more about Joe, he is really getting worried about the way Harry is treating Joe. Abuse is not always physical, it can also be mentally.

When he voices his concern, Joe is forced to take a good look at his relation with Harry and he finally finds the courage to end things with Harry and start leading his own life again.

Finally free again, Joe and Dylan throw themselves in a fast developing relationship, but is Joe really looking for something serious or is he just on the rebound? Will Joe and Dylan be able to make it or not?

I really really love the whole Rainbow Place series. Every story takes place in the same universe, the same place and the same cafe. Characters are appearing in every story, and yet every story is new again. The story of Joe and Dylan is the perfect addition to this universe, and I loved it so much.

Theoretically you can go on forever inventing stories in this universe, but how many gay or bi people can there be in one small village? At this moment I have no idea if there will be a part 4 in the series, but I guess we will see.

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