Beyond the Sea

April 4, 2016

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00070]Beyond the Sea is the new book by Keira Andrews, and as we all know I love Keira Andrews, especially for her series about the Amish. So it was with great expectation that I started reading this novel. And I must say, it certainly isn’t bad, but it is not her best work either. The whole concept of two guys stuck on a deserted island has been done before, so you need a pretty good story to pull that one off. A story that doesn’t contain every cliche you can ever think about in this context…

Troy Tanner has it all. He is the singer of a very popular boy band and has the world at his feet. Until one day he finds his brother in his room totally high on cocaine and alcohol, a thing he swore he would never do. So Troy does the only thing he can do, he packs up his stuff and leaves, even if they are in the middle of a tour. He hires a private plain to get him out of the country as soon as possible.

Brian Sinclair is a pilot who has been through a lot of trouble. An accident has left him afraid of commanding a plain, so he only flies second in command. He is one of the pilots on board of the plain that Troy takes.

But when a cyclone strikes without warning, the plain crashes on a small island in the middle of nowhere and thousands of miles away from anyone. Only Troy and Brian survive, the pilot dies in the crash.

It seems to be a paradise at first, but after weeks of only fish and fruit, it doesn’t feel like that anymore. Even the smallest accident could be deadly and it doesn’t seem like they will be getting of the island any time soon. Stuck together, the two men are forced to work together, getting to learn one another real well. Soon friendship grows into desire and both men explore the borders of their sexuality. But will it last once they are of the island?

“I think ‘SO’ will have to do for now.” Plopping down on the sand, Troy pulled off his sweat-soaked orange bandanna and gulped from one of the plastic water bottles. He grimaced at the taste of the warm water, swatting at a fly. The flies left itchy bites he tried not to scratch.

Brian sat beside him with a soft groan and drank as well. He closed his eyes. “It’ll be a philosophical statement.”

Troy wanted to ask Brian if he was okay, because he clearly had a killer headache, but he knew by now Brian would insist he was fine. The vivid bruise on his forehead was stark against his skin. “Like, ‘So what?’ Maybe we should do a dot-dot-dot instead of the second S tomorrow.”

A faint smile lifted Brian’s lips as he rubbed his temples. “Sounds like a plan.” He opened his eyes. “Oh, the mirror.”

“I can do it.”

“It’s all right. You did all the hauling.” Brian took the mirror from one of the big pockets in his cargo shorts and aimed the reflection before sweeping it side to side in a slow pan. He’d been doing it regularly, and now the sun was getting low in the sky, faint pink streaks beginning to appear.

“They really didn’t come,” Troy said before he could bite his tongue. He shook his head. “I know it was stupid to think they’d find us the first day.” But in the back of his mind, he’d been hoping.

“Not stupid. Optimistic. Nothing wrong with that.”

“I guess.”

You can find Keira Andrews personal page here. This book is for sale at All Romance Ebooks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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