Borderline Affairs: a memoir

January 25, 2016

24360730Borderline Affairs was send to me by the author, Kirk Rehn, requesting a review. I accepted and started reading the book. It is not the normal kind of book I read, but once I started I knew I had to finish this book. It is not an easy book to read and clearly in need of some editing, but once you get into the story it just gets under your skin.

In the authors own words:

I have self-published a book, available in e-book and paperback format on Amazon, entitled “Borderline Affairs: A Memoir.” In a phrase, it describes the aftermath of my diagnosis with borderline personality disorder, a very rare psychiatric personality disorder, and the attendant domestic violence, rape, drug abuse, homelessness and multiple suicide attempts that followed. Much is written in free verse with a small mix of prose, and concentrates on the two-year period post-diagnosis. This is not, and is not intended to be, a mass market book, but rather a resource for persons in similar situations, whether they suffer from depression, personality disorders, drug abuse or LGBT/identity issues. There is much gritty and unnerving material, but I leave it there intentionally because the disease manifests in many horrific circumstances, only some of which I experienced. I am one of the few who have survived to tell my tale; your review would help my book reach my target or even a broader audience

Because the book is self published and I guess written by someone who has gone through a lot in life, sentences are short and sometimes confusing. You really have to think hard when you read this book to keep track of the story. It really shocked me to learn that people can survive these things and go through this horrible ordeal. And the kind of cruelty people can do to other people will never cease to amaze me I guess.

Dealing with a multitude of mental problems is never easy, but this story tells about a guy who has lived through it all and survived. It left me somewhat shocked and amazed, so please consider buying this book.

Kirk Rehn maintains a website an blog here, where you can find irregular updates and stories about his life. The book is also for sale there, or go to Amazon.


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