Boy Banned

June 18, 2016

28665436Boy Banned is the new novel by R.J. Scott. I already participated in the blog tour, and I knew then I just had to read this one. And now that I finally did, I think a review is in order.

The story starts at the finals of Sing UK, a fictional contest on TV, searching for the greatest talents in a contest on TV. Thin Idols, Britain’s Got Talent and you got the idea. Reuben “Angel” Jacobs is in the finals of the show, loosing this one will mean he has to return to the family business and be a good little boy. Everything he doesn’t want to be.

Corey Dixon is a rocker and also “on the spectrum” as they call it. It means he has a lot of trouble to do things we all think are normal and he has a lot of trouble dealing with every day life.

Both boys manage to mess up their auditions and are sent home, but in the last moment the judges save them. If they are willing to participate in a boy band they might just make a chance. So Reuben, Corey and three other boys are put together and need to create a new band. Will they make it work?

The moment Angel and Corey meet each other it is clear they are meant to be together. The attraction is instant, but as we all know there can only be one gay guy on a boy band, so whatever is building between them needs to stay hidden and can never be revealed as long as they are in the show. But that might be a little more difficult than they thought….

Of course the story is a bit cheesy and of course the characters are easy, but what a great story this is. I have seen many of these shows, but never knew how things would be behind the screens. I don’t know if it really is the way this story describes it, but it could be like that….. I liked the story a lot so I recommend it to you all.

“This sucks,” Corey Dixon muttered and closed his eyes, willing the time to pass quickly.

He knew it wouldn’t be good news, but he’d rather get the bad stuff out of the way so he could go home.

“I wish they’d call us soon,” someone said near him.

Corey cracked open his eyes to see who had spoken, even though he didn’t really have to because he recognized the voice. Angel.

Angel Jacobs was pacing, his loose white shirt swishing every time he turned.

Corey would know Angel’s soft tone anywhere, the voice matching the sexy blond who’d become part of Corey’s world over the last few days. He even knew his name. Angel. Which kind of suited the man as he was always dressed in white and always looked so much at peace. He had a focus in his dark eyes that Corey couldn’t help reacting to. Angel was a calming presence in any room; he didn’t even have to say anything.

I just want them to call us in, so we can get this over with. Or is it just me who thinks that? 

And like he’d read Corey’s mind, Angel said, “Is it just me, or is everyone feeling like they want this the hell over?” There were no cameras in the room, but that didn’t stop Angel from speaking very quietly.

“We’re fucked now,” the youngest guy in the room said. He was hyperactive, always on the move, and had all the inherent enthusiasm of a puppy.

Only, Puppy swore a lot, he appeared to use cursing as punctuation. It was why Corey had become aware of him at the start of the auditions. He’d bounced in yelling “Wanker!” after the departing cab driver who had charged him a tenner for a mile, or something equally awful in Puppy’s eyes.

You can find R.J. Scotts personal page here. This story is for sale at Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and Smashwords.

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