Boyfriend Forever – Boyfriend #2

January 14, 2016

26793364Boyfriend Forever is the second novel in the Boyfriend series by Diana DeRicci and is also set in the fictional town of Arbor Heights. Characters from the first book return in this one, but the second novel is set about 7 years after the first one.

In the first novel Jayden and Nash fell in love and got together, but in this second part they are separate. Nash was working towards a future long in the planning and Jayden let him walk away to give him a chance at that future. But the promises of keeping in touch didn’t last and over time they drifted further and further apart.

But out of sight is not out of heart. Both boys know they are both to blame for drifting apart the way they did. Both too busy with normal life and other things, they just didn’t take the time to make it work.

And now Nash is in a different way of life. His planned future never happened and he finds himself taking care of his dying sister and his little niece. He works himself to the bone and every day he is more and more tired and just wants to give up. But there are people depending on him and he just can’t give up like that. He must stay strong for all those people. But who takes care of what he wants and needs?

Mutual friends see what is happening and decide to step in. Jayden and Nash are meant to be together and that needs to happen even if they don’t see it like that. But will old feelings still be there? Is it possible to rekindle an old flame? And can they forgive each other and give love one more try?


He slowed in the hallway and faced Tim.

“Are you okay?”

He smiled. He hoped it was a smile. It was a shame this was Erich’s weekend. He suddenly had the urge to get seriously shit-faced drunk. He had to drive home.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

Tim studied him. “I don’t know. You just seem…off.”

“I’m fine.”

Tim got closer. “Have you heard from Nash?”

Jayden’s heart pinched, yet he kept every sign of what he was feeling off his face. Playing poker wasn’t the only reason to keep a blank expression all night long. “No.” And he knew Tim would be aware of that. He hadn’t spoken to Nash in years. His heart knew it, there was no doubt.

He didn’t ask if either Tim or Bill had, though. Bill was Nash’s cousin. He didn’t want to know if he’d been in contact with Bill only to learn he hadn’t wanted to talk to Jayden.

You can find Diana DeRicci’s personal page here. This book is for sale at ManLoveRomance Press.

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