Braden’s Story

March 6, 2015

Yes I know I read these books in the wrong order. Actually you are supposed to read Aaron’s story first and then Braden’s Story, but both stories can be read out of order without problem.

In this book we meet Braden, nephew of Aaron from the first book. His parents are strictly Christian and he really really wants to please them and be a good boy. But lately he has been having these feelings that he cannot describe, but doesn’t want either. Boys make him feel better than girls and that can only be wrong. His mother goes on and on about how wrong it is to be gay, the pastor in his church says so and all his friends make fun of gay people and seem to actually hate them.

Braden does everything he can to get rid of these feelings. He forces himself to look at girls, tries a camp that promises to straighten him and even turns to drugs in order to help him. But nothing seems to work. And than he meets Michael, the pastors son. Michael assures him he is not gay, but bi. Michael has no objection to kissing and touching Braden and bot boys seem to like it. But whenever they are apart. Braden is disgusted by his own behavior and tries to change.

So alright I know there has always been a problem with religion and homosexuality. Lately it has been going better but there are still people who believe that gay people are not really gay, but they choose to be gay. That can only be a sin in the eyes of God, because apparently it says so in the bible. Gay people do not have the same rights or possibilities as straight people and they need help to “see the light”

This has always made for interesting stories and I feel very badly for Braden and people like him. I don’t care what someone believes or not, no one has the right to deny someone else basic human rights. Everybody deserves to be loved or love someone, everybody should be able to find someone and be happy with that person no matter what sex they are. It is very easy to claim that God doesn’t want it that way and therefore you should change. That is no excuses to treat someone like a lesser human being.

Braden is trying really hard, but finds out that you cannot change the way you are born. You can deny it all you want, it will still be what you are. In the end it causes a rift between him and his parents and a lot of people get hurt in the proces.

I really like this story, but I do think all the things that happen to Braden are a bit too much in too little time. He finds out he is gay, his best friend dies in a car crash, his mother has cancer and he tries to take his own life, all in a matter of weeks apparently. Its not impossible, but story wise it is all happening to fast. Also this book is a a bit heavy on the Christian themes. Do we really need bibles and crucifixes every other page?

So currently I am reading Aaron’s story and I will blog about that later. As I understand it, Michaels story will also follow. I do recommend this story to everyone who feels they do not deserve to be what they are….

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