Safe Place – Rainbow Place #2
Bookreview / October 24, 2018

Safe Place is part 2 in the Rainbow Place series by Jay Northcote, situated in the same universe as part 1, so characters from part 1 can be in this book as well, but won’t be playing the lead role. Alex is almost 18 and can’t wait to get out of the little town of Porthladock. Alex is gay, but firmly in the closet. His father is oppressive influence and a homophobe so Alex doesn’t really want to come out while he is still at home. Just one more exam and he can go to uni and be the person he always wanted to be. But when he fails his exam, it means he is stuck in town for a while longer and to make things even worse, he has to work for his dad. There is only one thing in his life that makes it worthwhile and that is Cam. Cam is bisexual and quite happy with it, but doesn’t want to broadcast it out in the world. His social life is all about rugby and hanging out with friends. He has always had a crush on Alex, but since Alex is 6 years younger, Cam is not sure…

Rainbow Place – Rainbow Place #1
Bookreview / October 22, 2018

Rainbow Place is a new series by Jay Northcote, all centred around an LGBT friendly cafe in a small English town. The perfect setting for all kinds of things, like we will learn pretty soon. Seb Radcliffe relocates to a small town in Cornwall, determined to make something of his new life. Because he is used to life in the big city, he misses queer spaces and LGBT friendly people, so he decides to open his own LGBT friendly cafe-bar. But when he finds the perfect spot, it is going to need a little work and Seb is not cut out to do any DIY. So he hires someone to bring his dream to life. Jason Dunn is the local builder, hired by Seb to do the work on his bar. Like Seb, Jason is also gay, but he is deep in the closet and in denial. He has never allowed himself to be in a relation with another man, only occasional hook ups when he gets the chance. However, the second he meets Seb, it is love at first sight for both of them. But Seb is out and proud and doesn’t want to hide his feelings for Jason….

Rocked Hard
Bookreview / August 27, 2018

Rocked Hard was send to me as a review request by Morticia Knight, the author of the book. I liked the blurb and decided to read the story. I was not disappointed. The story is a simple one, but there is nothing wrong with that. I really liked the story and enjoyed reading it. The book has been released before in 2 parts, called Rockin’ the Alternative and Rockin’t It Forever. For this new book the story has been revised reedited. Aubrey King is a legendary rock singer who has known succes in the past, but then suddenly disappeared from the stage and was never seen again. Now he is preparing his comeback, and it needs to be done in the best way possible. There have always been rumours about his sexuality and who he has taken into the bedroom. However, nothing has ever been confirmed and he has never said anything about it. Aubrey wants to write his memoir and he needs professional help to do it. Bryan Gallagher, rock journalist has been reading, writing and dreaming about rock music since he was 12 years old. He became obsessed with the band Aubrey King was playing in, Falling in…

Edge: A BDSM Romance
Bookreview / August 26, 2018

Well, as we all know, to keep the life of a book blogger interesting you have to try out a new thing every now and then. And let me tell you, this time I did. I was contacted by Drew Lennox, the author of this book. He wanted to know if I would be willing to read and review his latest novel Edge. It is all about a starting BDSM relation and the MC’s are a man and a woman. Both are not my usual thing, but because of the personal request I decided to take on the book and read it. So I received this book directly from the author and started reading it. I was prepared for a story different from what I would normally read, and I was not disappointed. Charlie is a young woman, recently single and enjoying life to the fullest. She is not really looking for a new man, but when she comes in contact with Xander, that might change. Xander is an author and one of Charlies friends is a great fan. Charlie meets Xander through this friend and pretty soon strikes up a relation with Xander. All seems to be going very…

Revving It Up Series
Blogtour , Bookreview , Bookteaser / August 18, 2018

Here on this blog we also review complete series, and in this case I have read the Revving It Up series, because of the release of the latest addition to the series “Crossroads” The whole series is about a racing team struggling to get by and finding ways to make money. Now I have no idea what car racing is all about, but apparently it is filled with very homophobic people. NASCAR is not ready for a gay racer, but when Caleb Youngblood and Sebastian Rush falls in love, there is no way they will hide it from the outside world. The stories are short, very short and read very easy. All in all the story is fun, but because it is so short, I feel like a lot of information is either left out or rushed in too fast. We jump from situation to situation, person to person and it all becomes quite confusing after some time. Each story can be read separately but to understand the story and see the full character development it is better to read them all in order. I personally enjoyed the story, but I really had to sit down and read it, because…

Hot Nurse
Bookreview / August 13, 2018

Hot Nurse is the new novel by Brad Tanner, and is a part of the Under the Uniform series. I have met Brad personally at Europride Con 2018 and I can personally say he is one of the nicest and sweetest persons I have ever met. He send me this book personally asking me to read and review it, and of course I am happy to do so. Thank you Brad, I really appreciate it. So remember, I received this book as an ARC, it won’t be available until August 23, 2018. And i really advice everyone to read the rest of the Under the Uniform series as they are also great !! Lee has been single for about 10 years now. He has been living in Oxford, trying to get his DJ career started. There is moderate succes, but his career isn’t really taking of like he wants it to. His love life is also nothing to write home about. Apart from a few one night stands nothing ever happens. Until one night he walks home after a DJ gig, decides to go for a late night snack and meets Salvo. Salvo has moved from Italy to Oxford to…