A White Coat is My Closet
Bookreview / January 10, 2017

A White Coat is My Closet is the latest novel by Jake Wells. Jake Wells seems to have a fondness of stories set in the medical world, and this one is no exception. Zack Sheldon is almost finished with his medical studies and when he is finished he will dedicate his life to making sure children are taken care off and provided the best medical care there is. Because of his studies he has almost no time for a social life, let alone find a boyfriend for himself. And even if he would go looking, he is far to shy to approach a good looking guy. Why would anyone even consider dating a guy like him? And so he has been using his white coat as a shield and an excuse not to go looking or even trying. But one night he spots the very handsome Sergio Quartulli in the gym and from then on all is lost. When they finally meet Sergio seems to be interested in him too and pretty soon they are together as a couple. However Zack finds it really hard to come out at work and make it known that he is together with Sergio….

Daddy by Default
Bookreview / January 9, 2017

Daddy by Default is the new novel by Shawn Bailey. What would you do if you wanted to have children someday maybe, but then all of a sudden a child is in your hands and you have to take care of it because you have no choice. Derek Webster loves his little sister Ashlynn to death, but when she is involved in  a car crash he rushes to her side in the hospital. He learns that she is pregnant and they managed to save the child, but she didn’t make it. And so Derek becomes the guardian of his nephew and quickly learns a child is killing for your social life. Will he ever find a man willing to deal with not only him, but with the child as well? Chance Richards has everything he wants, including a great job and a wonderful family. All he needs right now is a relation with the perfect guy and his life will be complete. So when he meets Derek, he just knows he found the one. But Derek has a six month old baby to take care of and that just might interfere with plans. I liked the story, but it all…

Arctic Fire
Bookreview / November 29, 2016

Imagine finding love in the least likely place you can think of, the cold of the Arctic. What are the chances of meeting the man of your dreams in a place like that. For our two MC’s that is just what happens. Captain Jack Turner has fought a long war in Afghanistan and lost something very dear to him. Still hunted by the past, he is now stuck behind his desk desperate to get out in the field again. So when his boss asks him to go to the Arctic, he doesn’t have to think about it very long. But as soon as he gets there he manages to loose it with the Canadian Ranger that will be his guide, Kin Carsen. Jack would rather be anywhere else then in a small tent with Kin, but that is where he will be for the time being. Kin has lived in the Arctic all his life and he doesn’t want to be anywhere else, but living openly as a gay man in there is a bit difficult. He loves being a Ranger but he is on strange ground with Jack. And when they get stranded in a blizzard, both men start…

Louder Than Words – More Than Words #2
Bookreview / October 24, 2016

Louder Than Words is part 2 or part 3 in the series, depending on which series you read. Somewhere along the line a very confusing renumbering has taken places and now I am somewhat lost as to which part goes where exactly. Maybe a little more explanation would have been in order. But since I love this series so much I still knew I had to read this one. Alex survived a turbulent few months. Getting out of an abusive house, finding a new boyfriend and moving in with said boyfriend. He finally manages to find some peace and quiet and is able to think about what he wants from life. But there is only one thing his boyfriend Andreas has always wanted, to be a cop. He wants to make sure no kid ever has to be in the same situation he was in and he thinks being a cop makes that possible. But to become a cop he has to spend a year in the army, far away from home and from Alex. Will their very new relationship be able to survive that? And what will Alex do when Andreas is so far away? You can find TT…

Pictures of You – ’90s Coming of Age #1
Blogtour , Bookreview / October 23, 2016

This book was send to me as an ARC and a request for a review, so here it is guys. First of all, as you all know I love stories that play in high school and coming of age stories, so I had high hopes for this one going by the title alone. And I was not disappointed. Peter Mandel is 18 and very private. He is a photography freak and can always be seen with a camera around his neck or close at hand. He is gay but prefers to keep it a secret to everyone. But when Adam Algedi joins the class for the senior year everything changes for Peter. Adam makes it very clear that he wants Peter, but it can never be out in the open. At home behind closed doors they can do whatever they want, but outside they can only be friends and nothing more. And so begins a journey of first love, first sex and a lot of secrets. Sometimes Peter has enough of all the secrets and just wants Adam to be open about their relation, but Adam always manages to talk him out of it. But when Adam gets a girlfriend…

Behind Closet Doors: Four stories of falling in love & coming out
Bookreview / October 19, 2016

Behind Closet Doors by L.A. Witt is a collection of four stories that all have one thing in common. Four couples from totally different worlds, all falling in love with someone and not only trying to make it work but also coming out to friends and family. Will they be able to make it work? A closeted politician and his smoking hot campaign manager. Two traumatized best friends who need each other more than ever. A grieving widower and a compassionate funeral director. A pair of musicians who can’t keep their hands off each other. And all of the men are more than willing and able to fight for their new found love, no matter what the outside world may think of it. This collection contains four stories, all full length and very well written. The titles are For The Living, From Out in the Cold, Where There’s Smoke, With the Band and all of them have been published before and are for sale separately. I love reading stories about coming out and about unlikely couples coming together and fighting for what they want against all odds. I have read L.A. Witt before and she has never before let me down and of course…