The Riptide Affair
Personal / March 16, 2018

Dear readers of this blog, Like so many others already have done, I am aware of all that has been going on lately in the world of Romance, and specifically around Riptide Publishing. I have been working with Riptide promoting their books for years now and they have never treated me wrong in any way. I really do sympathise with everyone who feels they have been wronged, but the discussion needs to be somewhere else. My blog is not the place for this and therefore I will not allow any comments or posts smearing Riptide or any author, reader, blogger or whatever else. I have already deleted several comments in this matter and I will continue to do so. Normal comments will of course still be allowed. I have spoken with Riptide and they assured me everything is being taken care of. I will continue working with them on blog tours in the future, and trust in the fact they will do whatever is necessary to get things right again. I do not condone discrimination in any way and the people responsible should be dealt with. But, as a gay man myself, I have never felt Riptide Publishing thought less…

On the current situation in Chechnya
Personal / May 8, 2017

I am sure we have all heard about the horrible things that are currently happening in Chechnya. An organised campaign of torture, imprisonment and murder against gay men, or men perceived to be gay. It makes me feel very sick when people do such things to other people for no other reason than who they choose to love. Dale Cameron Lowry and Arshad Ahsanuddin have asked me to post on my blog about it and make people aware of the horrible things that are happening right now. I happily agreed to do so….. By Dale Cameron Lowry with Arshad Ahsanuddin When the news started coming out of Chechnya about the organized police campaign of torture, imprisonment and murder being conducted against men perceived to be gay, it hit me hard. Growing up in the Netherlands just a few decades after World War II, I learned to dread authoritarianism and genocide — authoritarianism’s frequent offspring — early on in life. On school and family outings we visited houses with secret rooms where families had provided refuge to Jews as they sought to escape Occupied Europe. Every summer, we would drive through northern Germany to see my cousins, and my mom would announce the…

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015
Personal / December 21, 2015

Of course we all know about Goodreads as it is the number one source for all book related information. So you might also know they allow you to set yourself a challenge every year on how many books you are going to read in that year. I always join in and I find myself having to set the challenge higher every year. So this year I set myself the challenge of reading 175 books in one year. And guess what, today, with a few days to spare, I completed the challenge. So I feel extra proud of myself today. How many books did you read this year?

RainbowCon 2015
Conference/Meeting , Personal / April 11, 2015

Rainbow Con 2015 is on in July 2015. Taking place in Tampa, Florida, from July 16th to 19th. It’s an exciting event centered around QUILTBAG (Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual, Asexual, and Gay/Genderqueer) multimedia. This includes fiction, fanfiction, non-fiction, television, movies, stage, music, comics, fan art, and anything else involving QUILTBAG media. Sponsored by some of the best publishers in the genre, this is one of the events you need to be if you love our special kind of romance. Meet the authors, buy their books and most of all make lots of new friends and fans. Visit the con site right here for all the latest information available. And of course if you go and are willing to share some pictures or even a story with me, feel free to do so.

Expanding on my Social Media Presence
Personal / April 2, 2015

As you can see I have started expanding this page on Social Media a little bit. Of course to gain more following, but also to spread the word and make people aware of all the great books and stories that are out there. If you feel I have missed anything than please let me know and I will add it asap. Feel free to subscribe to the Facebook page or the Bloglovin page to make sure you never miss another update. You can find the Facebook page attached to this website right here. The profile on Bloglovin can be found here.

Reader/author event Oxford
Conference/Meeting , Personal / March 12, 2015

It seems there is another small event happening over in the UK. Manifold Press is a UK-based publishing business, which began as a collaboration between three British writers of male-male fiction with something like a century of experience between them. Morgan Cheshire, Fiona Pickles and Chris Quinton have since been joined by Australian-English hybrid Julie Bozza. On Saturday May 9 2016 they are organizing a small get together with some authors and their fans. There will be two guest speakers and several other interesting things to be sure. Feel free to go an visit them if you feel like it. More information can be found here. Some of the topics discussed will be the following: Clichés and how to avoid them Sex scenes, more or less Female authors and male pseudonyms The event will take place at the Jam Factory Restaurant and Arts Centre in Oxford. Please be advised that the venue is discreet and not private. And of course I would love to know what you think afte the event….