Cold Feet

January 17, 2015

23620295Sam and Ryan are two friends. They want to spend Christmas in a small cottage in Wales, with two other friends. They are the first to arrive, only to learn that their friends can’t make it because of car trouble. And to make things even worse, an insane amount of snow starts to fall, completely blocking them in.

So with nowhere to go and not that much to do, both boys are forced to confront their feelings. Sam is gay and has always had a major crush on Ryan. But Ryan is straight, so what’s the point. But does he really know what Ryan thinks?

Ryan on the other hand always thought he was straight. But lately he starts to have feelings towards his best friend Sam. But are they real or only imagination. He doesn’t want to ruin their friendship for what only might be an experiment.

Than one night, the temperature drops and the boys are forced to get close in bed, sharing body heat to stay warm. Then one thing leads to another and things happen in the night. But what will they do when things go back to normal again?

Believe me, I love Jay Northcote, I really do. But this story is just to short, to easy and to simple. The whole scenario sounds cliche and has been done many times over. Two people get snowed in, for some reason are forced together and that creates awkward situations. I am sure things can be more creative than that….

However, the story is sweet and romantic, so pretty safe to read. Find out more about Jay Northcote on her personal website here.

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