Guest Blog – Justin Edison

November 30, 2015

As I promised when I wrote the review for his book The Churning, Justin Edison has agreed to write a guest blog for me. In it, he tells a little more about the book and where the idea for the story came from. Take it away, Justin.

“The Churning” is the story of what happens when a professional athlete—a soccer star—is kidnapped and forced to endure trials of retribution. Ensnared by a sexy temptress, drugged and dragged off, Arman Hessabi wakes to find himself blindfolded and chained to a chair, somewhere in Europe. Then, as we meet his four captors, his troubles really begin.

The idea for the sports-kidnapping story came from a brainstorm. In my first book, “Watching the World Fall,” the hero was an antihero—the one doing the kidnapping, albeit for understandable (however criminal) reasons. With “The Churning” I thought it would be fun to turn the tables on a real egomaniac. Hessabi is a talented prince among men who has the wealth, fame and women a Premier League career offers. But he’s also lost sight of what it means to be human and to be valued for something other than his playing abilities. Here, he’s stripped down to almost nothing, with no defenses left. I love to put characters in desperate situations (including his captors) so this worked perfectly.

The Churning Cover


The book is for sale at all the normal places, like Amazon.

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