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June 28, 2015

The wonderful Dana is back again and has reviewed another book for us. As we all know from the first review she did, Dana has a talent for reviewing. This time she reviewed the book Repaired by Melissa Collins. I have not read it personally but after this review I have put it on my list. Enjoy everyone, here is what Dana thought of the book.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00037]Ever since more or less devouring „On Solid Ground“ earlier this year, I’ve been looking forward to another novel from this author and so I was very keen on reading “Repaired” as soon as it came out.
I’ve always had a soft for tortured heroes with a difficult past, trust issues, the whole shebang who then meet the man (or woman in case of the historical romances I’ve read for years) who changes all that. Kitschy, I know, but sometimes I’m in the mood for a dose of Kitsch:-)

In “Repaired” you get two tortured heroes for the price of one:

Liam Davis and Parker Ryan who both come with different kinds of baggage.
When we first meet Liam, in a flashback 10 years before the main story starts, he’s a 17 year old runaway who’s obviously been through some pretty bad abuse at home and tries to survive by stealing scrap metals at an auto repair shop. When the owner of the shop, good-hearted Paulie, catches Liam stealing, it’s a blessing in disguise: instead of being turned over to the police, Liam gets a chance to earn a living at the auto repair shop and make a new life for himself. 10 years later he’s still there and working alongside Paulie whom he considers his family by now.
Parker Ryan is a divorce lawyer working in his father’s practice. His father considers him a failure even though a graduated top of his class at Stanford and lets him feel his disappointment and disgust daily. Since Parker came out to his family in college, Ryan Sr. has had it in for him even more.
After a very bad day at the office and a flat tire to boot, Parker meets Liam and the attraction is instantaneous and mutual. But Liam’s past makes him wary to be open about his desires and to give in to Parker’s quite pushy and forceful attempts to woo him…even though that’s exactly what he’s yearning for…

All in all another great MM romance by Melissa Collins! I especially liked the shifting perspective from chapter to chapter that allowed me to get into both the main character’s head.
There are only two things which I didn’t like and took away from my reading pleasure a little:
The first thing is rather minor but for my taste it felt a bit contrived to introduce Liam’s brother, have him meet Parker by chance and give him his own abuse story. A bit too much for me because I got the feeling that he only served the purpose to reunite Liam with his parents…but as I said only a minor nitpick…

But the other thing was the very mild D/s relationship and Liam’s submissive tendencies that were only hinted at but never really explored further.
Liam’s ex-boyfriend Gabe mentions a couple of times throughout the story that Liam had “special needs” that he couldn’t fulfill and that was part of the reason they split up.
Sometimes when we’re in Parker’s head he recognizes Liam’s need to submit and there’s a scene when Liam asks Parker to choke him a little during sex.
But the whole issue is never really explored and at the end of the book – after the reveal which kind of abuse Liam had to live through – the author makes a brief attempt to connect Liam’s sexual inclinations to his past experiences but it’s half-hearted at best.
Although I’m not a big fan of D/s relationships in my romances I would have thought it better to either fully explore this topic or leave it out completely…the way it’s done now feels a bit unfinished to me.
But that’s just me nit-picking a bit…on the whole I give this book a solid four stars because I was able to emotionally connect to the characters and the end left me satisfied…even though I wouldn’t mind revisiting the couple at a later time:-)

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