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May 2, 2015

I am very glad to introduce to you all the wonderful Dana who has written her first review for a romance novel and graciously allowed me to publish it right here on my blog. You can find her personal Goodreads page right here.

Her first review is for the novel Rock Solid by Riley Hart. I have not read the book myself yet, but I will soon. Here is what Dana thinks of the book.

Rock Solid is the first in a new series by Riley Hart and it’s the first of her books I’ve read. I’ve had my eye on some of her other novels for quite some time and saw this series as a chance to get familiar with her work….and the yummy cover didn’t hurt either:-)

Trevor Dixon, a 25 year old, openly gay, recovering addict and co-owner of Rock Solid construction, and Dr. Simon Malone, a 37 year old brilliant cardiothorathic surgeon, unable to operate any longer after a brutal home invasion left his hand shattered, could’t be more different. When Trevor meets Simon for the first time to discuss the doctor’s plan to remodel his home, they get off on the wrong foot and it costs Rock Solid Construction the remodeling job. Trevor, who feels like he’s been a fuck up all his life and can’t bear to let his co-owner twin brother Blake down again by losing this job, swallows his pride and asks Simon for a second chance.
Simon recognizes some of his own despair in Trevor’s passionate argument to reconsider his decision so that he goes against his better judgement and gives the job to Trevor…and forms an unlikely friendship with him that soon seems to go deeper than either man expected…

I really like that both MCs were totally fucked up in a different way but were able to recognize a kindred spirit in each other. Although Trevor’s struggles seems more real to me than Simon’s in the beginning, as the story goes on Ms. Hart makes it clear that Simon’s life before the incident was spent disconnected from the people around him – even his own wife. His job and his ability to help his patients was everything to him, without it he lost his reason for life and felt totally adrift.

At first I expected it to be another Gay for You story but – surprise, surprise – Simon had sexual encounters with men at college and considered himself bi…even though he didn’t really think about it too much.

I loved the struggles the couple went through and even though I felt close to wanting to hit Simon a couple of times for the way he behaved towards Trevor….at least it felt real that he was being an asshole:-)

Had the author ended this book as strongly as it started, it would have been a 5 Star Read for me but unfortunately, the crisis felt a bit contrived and was more worthy of a bad soap opera than this novel…talk about coincidence.

The actual story ended a bit abruptly for my taste with Trevor checking himself back into rehab and Simon promising to wait for him…and than we got an epilogue „One Year Later“.

Maybe it’s just me but it felt a bit like cheating to leave out the struggles it took Simon and Trevor to get to their HEA but then the problem is probably in the format of the series and the constraints the publishers put on length of the individual novels. After all it’s the first a series…

I will definitely be looking forward to more from this world and hopefully Blake’s and/or Jasons’s story.

I’d rate this somewhere between 3 1/2 and 4 stars because the characterization was excellent…even though the story felt a bit lacking…

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