Healed Hearts

October 5, 2015

26022474Healed Hearts by Logan Meredith is a novel about overcoming fears, fighting for what you want and knowing that everyone deserves happiness. And it made me laugh at points to, so that is always a good thing.

Seth Ray is a second grade teacher and he is deadly afraid of donuts and names starting with the letter J. These things have been tied to every bad thing that ever happened in his life, including his father leaving, his mother dying and his first love turning against him.

So what happens when he spends the night with Jude Murphy, who serves him donuts the next morning? He gets up as fast as he can and runs out of the house, thinking he will never see that man again.

But Jude is not the typical gay man. Desperately looking for true love and wanting to start a family of his own, he wonders what happened the night he spend with Seth that got the man running out the door the next morning.

And to makes things even worse, Jude turns out to be the uncle of one of Seth’s students, so they are bound to run in to each other every now and then. Jude makes it very clear what he wants from Seth. He wants the man and he doesn’t do casual. Luckily for him Seth also wants Jude and is willing to work on his problems in order to make that possible.

So slowly Seth falls for the attractive redhead who turns out to have a family full of J names. A lot of misunderstanding, a lot of talking and a lot of love can make things better for everyone. Which is what both men want more than anything….

I must say I liked the story, although it annoyed the hell out of me sometimes. Some of the misunderstandings were just stupid and petty. If people would talk to each other in stead of running out the door at the first sign of problems, things would go a lot smoother and easier. Jude is sweetly naive at points and Seth is mildly annoying at points with his dumb rules and unwilling to change things. But in the end it all turns out for the best and the story left me feeling great… So I recommend this story to everyone. And if you do read it, pay special attention to the cat in the story. I love cats and this one really did it for me.

You can find Logan Meredith’s twitter page here. This book is for sale at Dream Spinner Press.

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