I.N.E.T. #1

May 11, 2016

29232710I.N.E.T. is short for International Narcotics Enforcement & Tracking and is the first novel in the new series by Brenda Cothern. She has never been one of my favorite authors because of her preference for SM, leather and hairy men, but I kind of liked the title so I decided to give it a try. And I am very sorry to say, but this book was just bad in my opinion. I did not even finish it, I just could not get through to the end.

Michael Knight is an excellent undercover cop and really likes his job. But because of his name he gets a lot of teasing and jokes and he finds it harder and harder to take. Then one day someone messed with his truck and that was the final drop. Michael decides to quit and walks out of his job.

Aaron Slade has been working for I.N.E.T. for several years now and has been send out to meet his new partner. He doesn’t want a new partner, but the higher ups are forcing him into it. So when he sees Michael Knight for the first time, sparks are flying everywhere and the attraction between the men is instant.

Knight has to go through training just like everyone else, but all he wants is to be out in the field with his new partner. And that is not all he wants from Slade, but how are they going to make this work?

Ok let me start of by saying that naming your main character after a very popular tv show from the 80’s is not only lame, but also really annoying. Why on earth would anyone do that? And the jokes about the name are predictable and just dumb.

Second, why do we have to go on and on and on about the training and how wonderful Knight is in it. He clearly doesn’t need the training, yet is forced to go through it, because no reason what so ever. And the attraction between Knight and Slade is obvious, but nobody does anything about it. All they do is fight and complain.

I am sure Brenda Cothern is a very good author, but now I know exactly why I never liked her books. Anyone who does, feel free to let me know, but this is not for me.

Detective Michael Knight was having a shit day. Shitter than usual for a Friday. It had nothing to do with the scorching Florida heat or the humidity that had his T-shirt sticking to him like a second skin and it had nothing to do with him being covered in alley filth. If only that were what had him livid and ready to kill. And so help him, if any of his co-workers made another Knight Rider crack when he entered the squad room, he was going to beat the ever living fuck out of them. The consequences be damned.

He could take a joke as well as the next guy, but the harassment over his name was getting out of hand. Pictures of ‘K.I.T.T’, some of which were admittedly cool, plastered around his work station were easily dealt with via a trash can. Knight Rider ringtones and ‘K.I.T.T.’ message notifications were annoying, but could be tuned out. However today, his fellow cops had gone too fucking far.

They messed with his baby. The only thing he really gave a fuck about outside of the job. They messed with his truck. The David Hasselhoff bobblehead stuck to his dash pissed him off to no end.

You can find Brenda Cothern’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Smashwords and Amazon.


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