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April 12, 2016

18731063Now as you all know I absolutely love Jay Northcote. So when I read that she was doing a new cover for her book The Little Things, I had to get to the bottom of it of course. I already reviewed the book some time ago, but I knew I had to give the new cover some attention. I think the new cover looks absolutely stunning and I want to make people see the new cover. So I asked Jay about the new cover for The Little Things and she was kind enough to answer my questions.

You can see the old cover for the book on the left of this post, the new cover is further down. I like them both, but I understand the reasons for changing it. But I will let the lady tell her own story.

What made you decide a new cover for this book was in order?

The Little Things has always been a bit neglected compared to my other titles. It has never sold as well or grabbed readers’ attention. I think the original choice of cover was part of the reason for that. And giving The Little Things a new cover was a great opportunity to offer some ARCs for review and try and get readers noticing it.

When I approached Dreamspinner Press about a new cover they were very happy to make the change for me, and Garrett Leigh came up with something that’s perfect for the book.

Could you tell a little bit more about why you wrote this story?

The Little Things was the first long piece of original fiction I ever wrote (after writing fanfiction for a few years). I wrote it during Nanowrimo in 2012. The idea came to me as a ‘what if?’ I imagined a young guy with a child, and how it would affect his life if he became a single parent. That was the foundation for the story. But then it developed into a story about bereavement and loss, and moving on from those things. The theme of the book (for me – because readers often see different things to the author) is about finding the courage to accept happiness when it’s offered to you, and not letting fear hold you back.

The old and the new covers are very different. Is there a reason for that or not?

It was pretty deliberate. The old cover—although it’s a really beautiful image (drawn by the talented Paul Richmond) and was exactly what I’d requested—didn’t seem to encourage romance readers to buy the book. As a rule, covers with photographed models tend to sell better. Also readers are usually more engaged by images that show someone’s face. These are all things I’ve learned after a couple of years of publishing.

The new cover is designed to catch attention with the single strong image of the man (who is a perfect Joel). He’s looking directly at the camera, and his wistful expression and the somber tones of the filter seem apt for the tone of the story.

Would you ever write a new story about the same subject as this one?

The Little Things has some tropes in common with other stories I’ve written. I explore similar themes of loss and bereavement in Passing Through, and my forthcoming novel, Imperfect Harmony.29850625 Both of those stories have a similar message about finding the courage to take a chance that life offers you.

I enjoyed writing about Joel in is role as father to Evie. Although Tris in Passing Through also has a son, his relationship with his son isn’t explored so fully. I would like to write another story involving a close father/child relationship again in the future.

So there we have it people, all the answers from the Queen herself. The new cover is absolutely beautiful, so compliments on that. And I urge you all to go out and buy this book because it is a great story.

And thank you so much Jay Northcote for answering my questions.

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