Just a Bit Unhealthy – Straight Guys #3

April 25, 2015

Just a Bit Unhealthy is the third book in the Straight Guys series by Alessandra Hazard. And just like the other 2 books, this one is hot hot hot. The basic story in all books is the same. we have a straight guy and a gay guy. The straight guy starts to think about if  he really is straight and is willing to experiment with the gay guy. And then one thing leads to another.

In this third book the straight guy is Gabriel DuVal, rising soccer star. The gay guy is Jared Sheldon, team physician. Everyone thinks they are just good friends and nothing more. But Gabriel isn’t so sure anymore about his feelings for Jared. He knows that Jared has always been in love with him, but knows it will never be. Gabriel is straight with a girlfriend and that’s it. Or is it?

One day Jared decides he can never have what a really wants and goes back to the USA to find happiness. But Gabriel is never the same after that and must decide what he wants to do about it.

I really like these books and the way they are written. Of course any gay man will tell you what a fantasy it is to seduce a straight guy, even if it is for one night only. These books make that fantasy real and in a very good way. Highly advised reading.

There will be a part 4 in this series, but as yet a publication date is unknown. I will review that when it arrives of course.

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