Nothing Serious

February 5, 2015

18584776Nothing Serious is another edition in the Nothing… series by Jay Northcote. The stories are simple, nice and very very romantic. In this story we meet Mark O’Brien and Jamie Robertson.

Mark is finally being what he always wanted to be. He has been with his girlfriend Rachel for years, but finally admitted that he is gay and decided to move in his own apartment. For the move he hired some help, one of them being Jamie.

The attraction between the men is instantly. Mark has no experience being with another man and Jamie is more than willing to teach him how to make love to a man. They arrange to meet a few days later and things go on from there. From the start they decide that whatever they are doing is not serious and only meant for fun. But the more they do, the harder it becomes to keep it that way.

Mark and Jamie are falling in love fast, but neither one wants to admit his feelings to the other one. Mark thinks Jamie is far to beautiful and Jamie thinks Mark is far to smart for him. Will they have a happy ever after?

I must admit at first I didn’t like the Northcote stories, but they are starting to grow on me. Recommended story….

Another story in this series is Nothing Ventured. Read about it here.




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