Nothing Special

February 6, 2015

22707769Nothing Special is so far the latest edition to the Nothing… ┬áseries by Jay Northcote. ┬áSo far this is my favorite one.

In this story we meet Noah, an ordinary guy who works in a bookstore and has a major crush on a guy he sees every day in the subway. He doesn’t know anything about the guy, but he looks forward to meeting him every day. But how to get in touch with his dream man?

Then a friend of Noah convinces him to do something very brave and he gets to talk to Sol, his dream guy. They hit it off straight away and want to try and make the record for the worlds longest first date. But still somewhere in the back of his mind, Noah thinks he is not good enough for Sol. Surely Sol could have anyone he wants. Will they stay together and will Noah deal with his fears?

I really really hope Jay writes more books in this series, because I really like the stories. Guys who don’t think they are good enough, but learn to deal with fears in the best way possible. I really don’t like stories that are all about sex and this sure isn’t. However, I am sure the world is not full of understanding people like it seems to be here. But that is why it is a story…..

Earlier I wrote about the other two parts in the series, Nothing Ventured and Nothing Serious. Check that out also.




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