Nothing Ventured

January 21, 2015

23380439Another book by the wonderful Jay Northcote. But once again I find myself wondering where she comes up with these stories and why they are so simple, yet seem to work somehow. Nothing Ventured is the perfect addition to this series.

Aides goes out with some work friends and while drunk promises to run out the Mad Mucker, a twelve mile run over a very muddy course. Sober again, he tries to get out of it, but his friends won’t let him. So Aiden needs to get in shape and soon.

Matt is a last minute addition to the team, and also happens to be very sexy. He agrees to train with Aiden so they can support each other in their effort. And because of his sexy trainer, Aiden finds himself even more attracted to training.

Pretty soon things heat up between the guys and their relation turns physical quite soon. But Matt doesn’t want to fall in love with a man, and Aiden doesn’t want to fall in love at all. So what can they do? They must decide what they want to do and soon, before things get out of hand.

Both of them know that when the race is over, there is no more reason for them to stay together. And the date of the race is approaching soon…

The story is easy, a little on the predictable side, but provides for a nice and easy read. If you liked other Northcote books, you will love this one also.

You can find the personal website of Jay Northcote here.

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