April 2, 2016

28967154Phonebook is one of those books that makes you wonder once you read it “Why would anyone write this, let alone buy it and read it?” It is basically a story about two guys in love who cannot be together for some reason and engage in phone sex. I have no personal experience with phone sex, but I cannot imagine it would be any fun at all. Although I guess for some people that might be different. Phonebook is written by Amy Lane who I normally like very much. I know she can do better than this.

The story was first published in 2010 and has now been re-released with a different cover.

Ryan is away on business and all he can do is talk on the phone with his lover Scott. Scott is some what more playful but Ryan is to conservative to engage in phone sex and enjoy it. He is not able to relax enough to make it fun. But luckily his lover thought ahead and made sure he had all the necessary things to be able to get what he wants when on the phone together.

The story is only 32 pages long so you will get through it quite soon. For me it would fall in the category of a sexual fantasy written down on paper. And you all know what I think of those. Fantasies can and should be enjoyed, but only for yourself and not shared with others. Feel free to buy this book if you want, but don’t expect to much.

You can find Amy Lanes personal page here. This story is for sale at Dreamspinner Press.


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