The Queen & the Homo Jock King – At First Sight #2

April 5, 2016

26063611The Queen & the Homo Jock King is the new novel by T.J. Klune and part 2 in the At First Sight series. I did read part 1 somewhere in the past, but never suspected there would be a part 2. But here it is. Set in the same universe of course and with some of the characters from book 1 returning in the background.

Sanford Stewart has build quite a life for himself. He performs as drag queen Helena Handbasket in the club called Jack It and he likes it there very much. Performing allows him to explore a side of himself he doesn’t show often, but needs to come out every now and then. Nothing seems to be able to disturb his life until one day the owner of the club calls him to his office and asks him to do the one thing he most definitely doesn’t want to do. The club is about to go under and to safe it, Sanford needs to seduce his worst enemy, Darren Mayne. Darren is the son of the mayor and he needs to persuade his father to keep the club open.

There is history between Sanford and Darren and that is wat causes their behavior towards each other. Sanford hates Darren and he is sure that Darren will never go along with the plan. But what happens when Darren does accept and plays the role of Sanfords fake boyfriend?

Sanford has a lot of experience with acting so he thinks this will be an easy one. All he has to do is suck it up and play along until the club is saved and he can put Darren aside again. Sounds like an easy plan right?

I absolutely loved this story from beginning to end. I have always been fascinated with drag performers so a story about them is sure to get my attention. I could never do it myself, but I really admire any man who dresses up as a woman and performs on a stage and doesn’t treat it like a joke, but as an art form.

I WAS seventeen when I realized I was destined to be a queen.

Because that’s when I met a legend.

I’d heard of the club down on 4th Avenue in Tucson. A gay club where apparently men could dance and drink and be happy without fear of any kind of judgment. Such a place sounded like a haven to me, especially coming off the year that I’d had, what with my parents dying, the parents of my best friend taking me in, and coming out with a vengeance.

Naturally, I convinced said best friend, Paul Auster, to come with me. It wasn’t that hard.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” he grumbled at me as we walked down the sidewalk late one Saturday night. It was early October and the night was still warm.

I smirked at him. “Oh, ye of little faith. Trust me, we’ll be just fine.”

“Yeah, but it’s a bar. And we’re not twenty-one.”

“Hence the disguises,” I reminded him.

You can find T.J. Klune’s personal blog here. This book is for sale at Dream Spinner, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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