Queer Romance Month

September 26, 2015

Since 2014 October has been renamed Queer Romance Month. One whole month to celebrate our favorite books. But there is also an underlying reason to have this month.

Queer Romance Month exists to celebrate queer romantic fiction in all its aspects.

  • We believe that love is love, and nobody should be relegated to a sidebar or a subgenre. Queer romance is romance.

  • We welcome anyone who believes in love, irrespective of gender or orientation. Allies, supporters and the curious are all part of QRM.

  • We support the right to read what you like, write what you love, and be who you are.

  • We love romantic fiction. We want to share the love and help some amazing books and authors reach a wider audience.

Thanx to the wonderful people of the organization in a few more days we will start the second edition of the month. In 2014 the theme was Love is Love, in 2015 the theme will be We All Need Stories.

Check out the wonderful website here and find out how you too can be involved in this.


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