Rock Rod Studios Presents

November 15, 2015

25812677Rock Rod Studios Presents is a series by Emory Vargas and is all about Alex and his first steps on the gay for pay path. In total there are three parts in the series, each about 20 to 30 pages long, so it provides for a quick read. So far I have read two of them, but they don’t do much for me. It is exactly as you would describe a sexual fantasie for a young gay boy.

In the first part ‘Alex Undone‘ we meet up with young Alex as he enters the studio where his first gay for pay shoot is about to happen. He has no idea what to expect and is very very nervous. He answered an add on Craigslist and ended up accepting this unusual job.

The first thing Alex sees when he enters the studio is Peter, the very hot and very tattooed administrative assistant. Peter manages to calm Alex down a bit and makes sure he is ready for what is coming.

When Alex returns from some mind blowing sex, he is in no state to go home alone. Peter ends up taking him home and taking care of him until he comes back on the planet. Peter is deep into a lifestyle Alex never imagined and he has no idea how to deal with his feelings. Apparently Peter always takes inexperienced boys home and has some fun with them. But it seems this time, he has found a guy that wants to stay…. And maybe Alex turns out to be gay to stay….

The second part ‘Opening Alex‘ picks up where we left of in part 1. Alex has tasted the world of gay for pay and has decided he wants more. He returns for a second video, but this time it will be more about the butt. It will be his first time bottoming on camera. And at the same time his crush for Peter is growing deeper and deeper.

But Alex has no idea what to do, how to do it or when to do it. Peter is willing to learn him some tricks, but he has to find out on his own what he likes or not. Peter has also made some videos of his own,26048021 but they are somewhat different than Alex’s videos. Alex really wants to watch some of Peter’s fetish videos, but Peter never looks at his own videos. But Peter will find a way to entertain himself while Alex is watching.

So when Alex goes back to Rock Rod studios for his second round with veteran Andre, he wants Peter in the room to watch. But Alex never expected the way Peter reacts to watching his performance on the set. What effect will this have on their blossoming relation?

Now I am pretty sure that every gay guy has had a fantasy or two about being with a straight guy, and then turning him gay. I know I have, but usually it remains a fantasy and never turns into reality. Unless its a book of course. These books do an accurate job, but because of their shortness they remain a bit shallow. There is not much dialog, there is not much interaction, but there is a lot of sex in every detail.

What I find very hard to believe is the way a supposedly straight guy goes for all the gay things. In a matter of days he goes from straight to taking it up the butt and falling in love with the first guy he meets. He doesn’t think, he doesn’t wait, he just goes for it and does it all. Theoretically possible sure but I don’t know if it will happen in reality. But then again, who ever said books had to be about reality.

Over all I cannot rate the series that high, since it just doesn’t amuse me. If I wanted a sexual fantasie I could make up my own.

Emory Vargas’s personal Facebook site can be found here. The books are for sale at Amazon.


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