Rocked Hard

August 27, 2018

Rocked Hard was send to me as a review request by Morticia Knight, the author of the book. I liked the blurb and decided to read the story. I was not disappointed. The story is a simple one, but there is nothing wrong with that. I really liked the story and enjoyed reading it. The book has been released before in 2 parts, called Rockin’ the Alternative and Rockin’t It Forever. For this new book the story has been revised reedited.

Aubrey King is a legendary rock singer who has known succes in the past, but then suddenly disappeared from the stage and was never seen again. Now he is preparing his comeback, and it needs to be done in the best way possible. There have always been rumours about his sexuality and who he has taken into the bedroom. However, nothing has ever been confirmed and he has never said anything about it. Aubrey wants to write his memoir and he needs professional help to do it.

Bryan Gallagher, rock journalist has been reading, writing and dreaming about rock music since he was 12 years old. He became obsessed with the band Aubrey King was playing in, Falling in Stereo. Some people even said he had the hots for Aubrey King. But Bryan has always maintained that he is straight and his obsession is strictly professional and nothing more. So when he is approached about writing the memoir of Aubrey King, he knows it is a unique chance to work with his idol.

When they meet for the very first time, the attraction between them is powerful and unsettling. Bryan is nervous about the deep and instant attraction that Aubrey has to him and he doesn’t know what to do. They bond over their deep shared love of music, but soon it goes far beyond that. So while Bryan is struggling with his sexuality he also has to learn how to keep his new relation a secret for everyone, while still working on the memoir in a professional way. Will he be able to do that?

Bryan went through the motions of unpacking. He wouldn’t be staying in LA for long, just a few days at the most. I think. His original plan had only revolved around whether Aubrey might be interested in having him do the memoir and discovering if they vibed well together. Oh, we vibed, all right. If the tonguing Aubrey had given him wasn’t a signal they got along fine, he couldn’t imagine what would be.

He shoved the last ball of socks into the hotel room dresser drawer then slammed it shut. After dropping on the bed, he let himself fall back, covering his eyes with one arm. Fathoming how he could’ve allowed such a thing to happen, allowing a potential client to kiss him, was beyond any logic he could conjure up. Had Aubrey been a woman, would he have been so unprofessional?

What the fuck is wrong with me?

But that kiss…

Bryan rolled over, burying his face in the arms he’d folded under his head as if he could hide from the truth.

Which is?

Nothing would ever be the same. As he’d feared, a line had been crossed that couldn’t be uncrossed.

But…is that so bad?

He wasn’t sure what he was asking himself. Was it bad he’d behaved unprofessionally or bad that he’d kissed a man?

Bryan frowned, shame filling him at the errant thought. The only questionable thing he’d done was blur the lines of professionalism. Regardless of what he thought about him being intimate with a man, nothing about it was bad or wrong.

Just confusing.

First of all, I want to thank Morticia Knight for sending me this story and allowing me to read it. I love the story and I really enjoyed reading it. I could relate to both Aubrey and Bryan and I really wanted to know how the story ended. If you are looking for a nice and sweet story with not to much drama and tention than this is the one for you. Pick it up and start reading I am sure you will enjoy it.

You can find out more about this book and all other Morticia Knight books on her personal site here. This story is for sale at Amazon.

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