Safe Place – Rainbow Place #2

October 24, 2018

Safe Place is part 2 in the Rainbow Place series by Jay Northcote, situated in the same universe as part 1, so characters from part 1 can be in this book as well, but won’t be playing the lead role.

Alex is almost 18 and can’t wait to get out of the little town of Porthladock. Alex is gay, but firmly in the closet. His father is oppressive influence and a homophobe so Alex doesn’t really want to come out while he is still at home. Just one more exam and he can go to uni and be the person he always wanted to be.

But when he fails his exam, it means he is stuck in town for a while longer and to make things even worse, he has to work for his dad. There is only one thing in his life that makes it worthwhile and that is Cam.

Cam is bisexual and quite happy with it, but doesn’t want to broadcast it out in the world. His social life is all about rugby and hanging out with friends. He has always had a crush on Alex, but since Alex is 6 years younger, Cam is not sure if he wants to get involved or not. And maybe Alex doesn’t need a lover, but just a friend.

They are friends, and there friendship is getting stronger. Cam doesn’t want to risk ruining it and decides not to pursue his crush on Alex. He doesn’t want just casual sex, he wants the whole thing. Will Alex be able to make Cam see the truth?

I think Safe Place is a very good addition to the Rainbow Place Universe and I enjoyed the story very much. It was nice to see that Seb and John were still together and running the bar together. I really like the idea of more stories playing in the same universe and characters showing up every now and then in other stories. Jay was once again nice enough to let me have an ARC for this book and I thank him for it. When an author trusts you enough to share a story before it is published, that makes me feel special. So thank you Jay !

This book is available on Amazon here. Or add it on Goodreads here.


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