Signs of Life – Resilient Love #2

April 25, 2016

26827223Signs of Life is part 2 in the Resilient Love series by Melanie Hansen and this one was also recommended to me by a friend of mine. And I loved it every bit as much as the first one, that I reviewed earlier right here. Signs of Life, just like the first one, deals with great loss, great love and deep emotions, all the ingredients for a perfect story. This one actually made me cry at some points, and that is usually a good sign.

Jeremy Speer is everything you would ever want to be. A successful lawyer, happily married to the man of his dreams and living in a fantastic home. What more could anyone want in life? But one day something terrible happens and it leaves him shattered and completely ruined. Will he ever know happiness again? He completely withdraws from life and merely exists instead of fully living

Kai Daniels is a high school teacher with his heart in the right place. He has a soft spot for troubled kids and will go out of his way to make them feel worthy of something. There was some trouble in his youth, but he managed to get through it and now leads a quiet life, just taking care of his own business.

One night in a gay club the two men meet and have an intimate and heated encounter. Jeremy starts feeling things he hasn’t felt in a long long time, but he is afraid to give into them. And so he runs out and leaves Kai behind, humiliated and slightly disappointed. But neither one is able to forget their encounter and both men need to find out what they want to do about it.

A bizarre coincidence brings both men together again and this time they are forced to deal with their feelings for each other. Kai really sees something in Jeremy and is determined to draw him out of his shell and make him see it is allright to love again after a great loss. But will Jeremy be able to open his heart again?

Wow what a rush this book was. It is not as emotional as book 1 but it certainly brings across a point. I felt deeply for Jeremy and Kai and I was so rooting for them to get together and find happiness again. I may have found a new Queen in my life and Melanie Hansen is her name.

You can find Melanie Hansen’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Dreamspinner Press.

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