Bottled Up Secret
Bookreview / January 21, 2015

This book falls in the Young Adult category, so as expected there is no sex. A little kissing and touching and the rest is described as “and then something wonderful happened” Bottled Up Secret is written for the younger readers after all. Brendan Madden is about to finish high school, has a great group of friends and recently discovered he is gay. He hasn’t told his friends yet, because he is afraid of what they will think of him. His mother is increasingly homophobic and suspects him to be gay, so he hasn’t told her either. Then one day he meets the wonderful Mark Galovic, a younger classmate. Instantly he is attracted to Mark. But Mark is straight, so he admires him from a distance. His feelings grow and grow and one day he breaks and tells Mark about his feelings for him. To his shock, Mark tells him he feels the same way about Brendan, but doesn’t want anyone to know about it. They begin dating, but everything must remain a secret. The further they get, the more difficult it is to lie to friends and family about why they are together so much and what happens between them….