Rainbow Place – Rainbow Place #1
Bookreview / October 22, 2018

Rainbow Place is a new series by Jay Northcote, all centred around an LGBT friendly cafe in a small English town. The perfect setting for all kinds of things, like we will learn pretty soon. Seb Radcliffe relocates to a small town in Cornwall, determined to make something of his new life. Because he is used to life in the big city, he misses queer spaces and LGBT friendly people, so he decides to open his own LGBT friendly cafe-bar. But when he finds the perfect spot, it is going to need a little work and Seb is not cut out to do any DIY. So he hires someone to bring his dream to life. Jason Dunn is the local builder, hired by Seb to do the work on his bar. Like Seb, Jason is also gay, but he is deep in the closet and in denial. He has never allowed himself to be in a relation with another man, only occasional hook ups when he gets the chance. However, the second he meets Seb, it is love at first sight for both of them. But Seb is out and proud and doesn’t want to hide his feelings for Jason….

Hot Nurse
Bookreview / August 13, 2018

Hot Nurse is the new novel by Brad Tanner, and is a part of the Under the Uniform series. I have met Brad personally at Europride Con 2018 and I can personally say he is one of the nicest and sweetest persons I have ever met. He send me this book personally asking me to read and review it, and of course I am happy to do so. Thank you Brad, I really appreciate it. So remember, I received this book as an ARC, it won’t be available until August 23, 2018. And i really advice everyone to read the rest of the Under the Uniform series as they are also great !! Lee has been single for about 10 years now. He has been living in Oxford, trying to get his DJ career started. There is moderate succes, but his career isn’t really taking of like he wants it to. His love life is also nothing to write home about. Apart from a few one night stands nothing ever happens. Until one night he walks home after a DJ gig, decides to go for a late night snack and meets Salvo. Salvo has moved from Italy to Oxford to…

Textual Relations
Bookreview / August 12, 2017

Henry Hathaway is a professor who spends his birthday the same every year. He gets his teeth cleaned and then has dinner with his brother. His has been like that for years and this year will be no difference. Or will it? In the middle of dinner with his brother he receives a text message confirming details of date with some one called Ash. Henry doesn’t know someone with that name, so the message must have been sent to the wrong person. But Henry does what any considerate person would do, he goes to the place of the date to explain to Ash what happened and why their date never showed up. Asher Wescott was set up with a blind date and he never expected it to go so well. He is very happy that Henry even showed up, and Asher thinks Henry is one the most charming men he ever met. So when Henry starts explaining what really happened, Asher is slightly disappointed. But for some reason the two men hit it off and a friendship is born. Will it ever be more than just that? Henry has always been sure he is straight, his one and only girlfriend…

Tops Down, Bottoms Up
Bookreview / August 10, 2017

This book was send to me as an eARC by the wonderful Jay Northcote and he asked me to read it and review it. And of course I did, because I love Jay and will read anything he puts out. So here we go. Rowan is at the last place he wants to be, but he made a promise to a friend and so here he is. Stuck at some folk festival surrounded by people he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know, because it is totally not his scene. He can manage all the yoga and singing, but he draws the line at morris dancing. Old men dancing around with sticks, so not his thing. But when the group starts and he sees the big and sexy Seth, he might have to change his mind. Seth is everything he ever dreamed about, the man of his dreams. So when Seth asks him to join in a morris dancing workshop, he happily agrees. Attraction is mutual and pretty soon the sparks are flying and it is clear they both want each other A workshop leads to a night of passion, hastily interrupted when Rowan has to get back home, but…

Starting from Scratch – Housemates #5
Bookreview / April 30, 2017

And for another day, another wonderful novel from the even more wonderful Jay Northcote. It was send to me as an ARC and let me tell you, I LOVE this story. In the few weeks I have had it, I must have read it at least 5 times already and I know I will be reading it again and again. I love the whole Housemates series, but I especially love this part. Starting from Scratch is part 5 in the series, my reviews for part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 can also be found on this blog. Ben is transgender (he used to be a girl) and back at university after hormone treatment and chest surgery. His new housemates have no idea about his history and Ben wants to keep it that way. He’s starting from scratch and his life is finally on track, except in the romance department. The idea of dating guys as a guy is exhilarating but terrifying, because if Ben wants a boyfriend he’ll have to disclose his secret. Sid is drawn to Ben from the moment they meet. He normally gets what he wants—in the short term at least. Ben’s guarded at first,…

A Family for Christmas
Bookreview / April 29, 2017

Yes yes I know, Christmas is long gone so why review a Christmas story? Well because the wonderful Jay Northcote asked me to of course. As we all know I have been a long time fan of everything he writes and I have made it my life mission to read everything he produces. At his request I read this story and I fell in love immediately. I love Christmas stories and I especially love this one. Heartwarming, emotional and with a well deserved happy ending. It will put you in a Christmas mood all over again !! A Family for Christmas has been published before in 2016 but has been re issued recently with some added words. It is a stand alone novel with a HEA so if you are looking for a heart warming story you found it. Zac never had a family of his own, but Rudy has enough to share. Shy, inexperienced Rudy has a crush on Zac from the moment his new colleague walks through the door. On an office night out before Christmas, Rudy finds the courage to make a move, and they form a tentative bond. When he discovers Zac will be alone at…