A Chosen Man – The Men of Halfway House
Blogtour , Bookteaser / September 27, 2018

Title: A Chosen Man Series: The Men of Halfway House Series Author: Jaime Reese Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance (can be read as standalone) Release Date: September 26, 2018 Photographer: Eric McKinney of 6:12 Photography For Wall McCormack, actions speak louder than words. He’s giving and protective, loyal to his friends, and devoted to his job. While confident and powerful enough to conquer any challenge, his greatest strength lies in his calm nature. Until an unexpected assignment sends his world into a loud and colorful chaos he never could have anticipated.   Rejection. It’s something Dylan Vaughn has known his entire life. But he’s a tough nut to crack and refuses to break. Armed with a sharp tongue and brutal honesty, he pushes through life and at anyone who attempts to take him on. Except for the quiet guardian who piques his interest and dares him to want…more.   When Dylan’s past comes back with a vengeance and jeopardizes their growing connection, Wall will stop at nothing to protect the younger man and remain by his side. But convincing Dylan that someone accepts the real man behind the cocky facade might prove to be Wall’s greatest challenge yet. With his freedom…

A Mended Man – The Men of Halfway House #4
Bookreview / May 22, 2016

A Mended Man by Jaime Reese is the 4th part in the Halfway House series. Previously I read and reviewed part 1, 2 and 3. I absolutely loved those parts, so I had high hopes for this new chapter to the story. And were those hopes satisfied? Yes and no, but I will get into that later on. In all the previous stories we already met Detective Aidan Calloway, dedicated to his job but always remaining some what mysterious. Now we will finally learn his story and what it is that makes him do the things he does every day. All the other people we met still play a role in the background, but will never take the lead. Aidan is dedicated to his job and fierce about protecting the people and the things he loves the most. He prides himself into never being shocked by anything until one night something happens that does get through his facade. Will he ever be the same again? Jessie Vega has lived through a lot of pain and trouble in his past. Every time he thinks he has left it all behind, something happens to bring it all back again. And so he…

A Restored Man – The Men of Halfway House #3
Bookreview / September 20, 2015

A Restored Man is part 3 in the Men of Halfway House series and once again I find this part better than the previous ones. Part 1 was good, part 2 was great, but part 3 is so far the best of all. By now we know the setting these stories play in, so I will not go in to that anymore. Suffice to say that Cole Renzo, who we briefly met in part 2, is doing his time in the Halfway House and trying to stay on the right path. As part of his time in the House, he needs to hold down a job. He finds a job in a car repair shop and his new boss Ty Calloway very much peeks his interest. Ty Calloway owns and runs a very high in demand shop and he thought he had his life together. Until that one night when everything changed and he lost all that he held dear. Now, 2 years later, he is slowly rebuilding his life and getting things together. That is, until