Twelfth of Never (Christmas story)
Bookreview / February 14, 2015

This little book is only 24 pages long and is meant as a sort of small bonus for the Blind Faith series. The twelfth of never refers to something one of the MC’s said sometime. Or it can relate to the twelve days of Christmas of course, you choose. You can download it for free at many places, but I am not so sure it adds anything to the story. We are now talking 5 years later and Mark and Will are still together, happily married and running a successful coffeeshop that they bought at the end of book 3. Everything seems to be going perfectly, but there is 1 thing that Will desperately wants, but Mark refuses to give it because he thinks he is not capable enough. Then one day, just around Christmas, Will breaks down and forces Mark to make a choice. A choice with far stretching consequences. Will Mark give Will what he wants or not? Every character from the series is back in this book to celebrate a very cold and very snowy Christmas together. I guess this book is meant to bring people in a holiday spirit, but honestly, I could have done without….

Blindside: Mark’s Story – Blind Faith 3
Bookreview / February 13, 2015

Blindside is part 3 in the Blind Faith series and this time we see things from Mark’s point of view. Mark is best friend to Carter, the MC in book 1 and 2. Mark always thought himself not suitable for relations in any way. He is more the casual hookup type, the one night stands and all. He doesn’t want anything more serious than that. His best friend and co worker is Will. Mark thinks Will deserves the best in life and has made it his mission to find Will a boyfriend. But all Will wants is for Mark to see how Will sees him. Will wants something from Mark that Mark might not be willing or able to give. So what does he have to do to make Mark see what is right in front of him? Is Mark capable of changing his life and going for what he really wants? I really like the way this book is a part of the series but yet about completely different characters. It fits very well with the rest and it has made me fall more in love with N. R. Walkers writing. To me she is one of the most…