Te Quiero – Falling for You #1

August 17, 2016

29983619Te Quiero by Suki Fleet is apparently part 1 in a new series called Falling for You. Te Quiero is Spanish for “I Love You” and the title comes from a letter one of the MC’s writes to te other MC, thereby exposing the fact he has a crush on him.

One day Ally finds out his ex has posted all kinds of embarrassing photos of him on the internet. In an attempt to remove them he tries to use the computers in the University Lab. His laptop died and so he needs something else. But when he gets there Levi Francis is also there and is watching him suspiciously. Ally knows for a fact that Levi hates him, but he has no idea why. But at the same time, Ally thinks Levi is a very hot guy.

Levi has a secret crush on Ally but has never dared to tell him about it. So he writes him a love letter in Spanish, hiding it in one his books. But when he sees Ally in the lab he makes sure he is gone. In his haste to get out he drops the letter on the floor, where Ally later finds it.

Ally reads a few words, realizes what the letter is about and returns it to Levi. Once he gets there he learns that all he ever thought about Levi has been wrong and there is actually a very nice guy hiding under his shy image.

Now with all due respect, I am sure Suki Fleet tried her best with this story, but it just wasn’t that pleasing. I found it to be fast, easy and shallow. Everything that happened you could see coming a mile away and after a few pages you just know how the story is going to end.

You can find Suki Fleet’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon, All Romance Ebooks¬†and Smashwords.


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