The Summer House – English Hearts #1

June 28, 2015

24032703The Summer House is a new book by R.J. Scott and let me tell you, this book is one for the records. I fell in love with this one and I hope everyone else will to after reading this. Of course I am a sucker for anything English, so that was a big plus, but that was not the only thing I loved about this one.

Connor Lawson is a young veterinarian in a small English village. He doesn’t know what to do with his life, should he set down roots here or not? Stay or go? He is fed up with one night stands, he wants some real romance with someone who will take his heart and stay with him forever. But where to find a guy like that in a small village like this one? His boss offers him a partnership in the practice and he inherits a small house from an old friend. For the first time he thinks about staying and building a life.

Ashby Sterling-Haynes is the youngest son of a rich family and has a long history of hook ups and one night stands, but he never found someone worth staying with. Until he lays eyes on Connor, the new young vet in town. Soon he realizes this could be the man he has been waiting for all his life. But how to make sure Connor sees that too? And what will happen when his brothers find out what he has done with the family fortune?

Connor is struggling with his past and has no room for a man like Ashby, who will use him and then throw him out again, like so many men before him have done. Ashby could never be the right man for him, or could he?

Neither Ashby nor Connor believe in true love, both for their own reasons. But when they get together there is no denying there is something there. Are they brave enough to take the plunge and go for it? Will they be able to build a future together?

Before this one I only read the Bodyguard series by R.J. Scott and I liked those, but this one definitely takes the cake. It is my new favorite book by this author and I will most likely read it again in the future. If you love England, small villages and real romance, you should really read this book !

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