Thumper’s Great Escape

March 19, 2019

“Thumper’s Great Escape” by P. R. Newman is published, as illustrated by Jacqueline Tee 

This is an exceptional new children’s adventurous bunny tale with wonderful illustrations

About the Book:

Set during WWII. The Peters Family live in a quaint little cottage in the heart of Kent, England. They have a pet rabbit called Thumper who is highly intelligent. Squadron Leader Hal Peters is an ace RAF pilot who can fly any plane day or night. He is famous for being the best pilot in Britain. He is sent on many dangerous missions across The English Channel. Meanwhile back in Kent, Thumper is about to have his own dangerous adventure.

Excerpt from “Thumper’s Great Escape”:

“How sweet life was before my passing!  I was the toast of the town, the icing on the cake.  The ribbon in flowing hair; the most loved rabbit in the entire land.  Yes, I know I sound like I love myself, but so what!  I’m un-dead.  I think I am allowed to say what I want.  After all, nobody loves me anymore.  I’m a forgotten pet.  I wasn’t even given a proper burial, unlike the cats and dogs in this house.  So now I roam around as an un-dead rabbit, because I was murdered!

Now, a murdered rabbit is a cursed rabbit, because they are un-dead.  There is no way out of it.

Let me tell you what happened to me.

One night I was snuggled up nice and warm in my cosy straw-covered cage.  I was fast asleep, dreaming of jumping around and playing with the children of Cherry Plum Cottage on a hot summer evening.  All of a sudden, this ghastly-looking fox’s head peers around and snarls at me.  I freeze, as any unsuspecting rabbit would.

My dear great grandma used to say, ‘When confronted by bright lights, stay as still as you can.’  Why?  I will never know.  If I were ever in that situation, I’d run like the wind.  But now, I’ll never experience that.  I have to roam around, glowing white, in the dark.

Anyway, this snarling fox clawed its way through the hutch door, ripping the cage off.  It grabbed me like I was an exotic dessert and spun me around in its jaws.  Its teeth sunk into me, and that was that.

I don’t remember much else.

I slightly recall the big man of the house running out with an enormous shotgun and trying to kill the fox while I was in its mouth.

The last thing I remember is waking up, glowing white, and wandering around in the dark of the night.

Rotten luck, I’d say!

These days, I warn new pet rabbits of the dangers of an unlocked hutch.

It’s not a bad life.  I mean, death.  I don’t eat, because I’m not hungry.  Hence I don’t need to go to the toilet!  I don’t need to clean myself.  But most of all, I don’t need to fear anything, because the worst has happened.

I sometimes go haunting, which is fun.  I especially love to scare foxes and those horrendous pigeons and magpies.  They are easily scared.”

“Thumper’s Great Escape” is available in hardback from Amazon UK at:

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