90’s Playlist inspiration

October 12, 2015

Tomorrow, October 13, the anthology 90’s Playlist will be released. My review will also be posted on that same day. But the day before the release the authors of the stories shared with me what inspired their story and why that specific song would fit the story so well. Here is what they said…

I have chosen to insert the video of the song so you can listen to it and get in the mood while reading the story. As a child of the 90’s I remember each and everyone of these songs and I think they fit very well with the stories.

Brighton Walsh

I chose If by Janet Jackson. It was a hard choice, narrowing down which song to use. I had a short list of about 10, and I played out different plots for each of them. And, in fact, I changed my original song I was planning to use. The idea for a plot based on If—“if I was your girl, the things I’d do to you…”—was just too good to pass up. I loved exploring the secret lover trope, and also playing with the enemies to lovers trope.

Lorelie Brown

My story comes from listening to Creep by Radiohead. Roni spends her days working in a record store and her evenings at raves in the Oakland warehouse district. When Tom shows up in her life, he’s stunning. She wants to float like a feather—with him.

Amy Jo Cousins

My song is Possum Kingdom by the Toadies, and it’s more of an inspiration than a main feature of the story. Possum Kingdom is a hard-driving song that ramps up the intensity and feeling of danger of a couple walking around a lake at night. It made me think of hiding in the dark and being turned on and a little bit scared at the same time. My campus rivals hear a band having an outdoor concert in the distance cover this song, while they’re trying to make their way back to the dorm at night without getting “killed” by the other students hunting them in a game of Assassin. It highlights the sense of danger they’ve created for themselves, both in the game and in their growing, conflicted relationship.

Audra North

I chose Half a World Away by R.E.M. because it was one of my favorite songs in high school. I loved listening to their album. I played it so much that it eventually ruined the tape. Thank goodness for digital music now! The lyrics of the song talk about heartache from half a world away, and my heroine goes to England with her boyfriend for a semester abroad, only to get dumped in the first few days. So the story starts with that heartache from half a world away, an there are a few nods to some of the other lyrics in there, as well.

Rebecca Grace Allen

My song is Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. It appears in the very beginning of the story, played at an open mike night by our indie rocker hero, James. Rory, the story’s heroine, is immediately struck when she hears it–half because of how incredible James sounds playing it, and half because it takes her back to a time in her own life when she was free and wild.

Jennifer Blackwood

The Thong Song by Sisqo. All of the characters in Little Red Thong participate in an epic game of spring break BINGO while on their cruise. One of the tasks is to find someone wearing a red thong, which my main character, Emily, happens to be wearing.

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