90’s Playlist

October 13, 2015

26267065I received 90’s Playlist as an ARC and I read it with pleasure. It is an anthology consisting of six stories. The idea is that they are about being young in the 90’s and all stories are based on a specific song of that period. In an earlier blog some of the writers explained how the story relates to the song they chose.

All authors were unknown to me, except one. Amy Jo Cousins also wrote one of the stories in this book. Some stories were excellent, some a little less. But all were a great read, and they weren’t even LBGT in nature sometimes.

My Strongest Weakness by Brighton Walsh is a story about a love that is so wrong and yet so good. Goth girl Tia Lanning is banging the big man on campus Mason Brooks and no one can ever find out. But what happens when there love grows to strong to hide?

Worthwhile by Audra North is about Jill who moved to England to be with her boyfriend only to be dumped by him on the second day. Now what should she do? Cry and go home or see if there is another cute boy out there for her? Then she literally stumbles in to Stuarts arms…

Creep by Lorelie Brown is about rave chick Roni finding herself torn between her friendship with her dealer Skittles and the love for his older brother Tom. How can their love last forever?

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Rebecca Grace Allen tells us the story of Rory Stone. Once she was a grunge chick, now she spends her days pouring coffee and collecting tips. Will singer James Griffith manage to rock her world again?

The Belle vs the BDOC by Amy Jo Cousins is the story of Shelby Summerfield. She is a lesbian girl but doesn’t look like it. And she is madly in love with Florence Truong, the only other lesbian on campus that doesn’t look like a half man. But how will she get Florence to notice her?

Little Red Thong by Jennifer Blackwood gives us the story of Emily Jones, going on a spring break trip with her best friend, her twin brother and his best friend Chase. Chase has been in love with Emily since forever and wants to take this last chance to finally make her see that.

I must say I really really liked the whole set up of this book. I know that for me music has always been attached to emotion. Some songs will forever be linked to certain events or things that happened in my past. The idea of writing a story based on a song seems golden to me and all ladies in this book did their very best. So I really highly recommend this book to anyone.

The personal websites of Brighton Walsh, Audra North, Lorelie Brown, Rebecca Grace Allen, Amy Jo Cousins and Jennifer Blackwood can be found by clicking on their names. This book can be (pre) ordered at Amazon.

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