A Better Man – The Men of Halfway House #1

September 14, 2015

20544791A Better Man by Jaime Reese is part 1 in the new Men of Halfway House series and is all about people who did some time in prison for different reasons and need to learn to get back on their feet and find their place in society again.

But some men can’t do that alone, they need a little help. And that is where the Halfway House comes in. It is run by Matt and Julian, a couple happily in love and willing to do whatever it takes for the people in their house.

But how did Matt and Julian meet? And what secrets did they have to overcome to get where they are now?

Matthew Doner has to start his life over again. After spending 5 years in prison his life has completely changed. His aunt left him some money and he decides to do something good with it. He buys an old house and is determined to create a safe place for other men like him. But first he has to find someone to help him with the house…..

Julian Capeletti just lost his job. He is months behind on his rent and really needs to find something to make some money. Then he reads an add in the paper for someone needing help with rebuilding a house. He answers the add and meets Matt, a desperate man who could really need his help. And he is also not unattractive……

Together they rebuild the house in a year time, while working on their relationship also. Julian has to work hard to get through to Matt, but in the end he gets Matt to open up to him. Matt is afraid Julian will run away when he learns about the prison term he did, but he can’t move on until he tells Julian everything….

I really like this idea of a Halfway House as a base for all the stories. It provides background and puts men in a situation where there is possibility for romance, stress and problems. However, it does seem a bit unlikely that all men who come in there are gay and looking for love. But I guess that is why they call it romance…..

I really liked Matt and Julian and the way they were described in the story. Matt as the nervous, somewhat geeky intellectual and Julian as the rough, tough and all out Italian macho. They made me laugh at points, while also charming their way into my heart. This series is one to keep an eye on.


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