A Family of his Own

December 16, 2014

19541942A Family of his Own is part 2 in the Mannies Incorporated Series by Sean Michael. The basic principle is the same. A male nanny comes into the home of a single dad with children, falls in love with dad and they live happily ever after.

However, I liked part 1 way better than this part. In part 2 there is just too much attention to the children. Every other word is a childs name or something a child does. Constant reminders of how sweet the children are and how much the MC’s love them. It just goes on and on and on.

At first I didn’t mind that so much, but about half way through the book it really really starts to annoy me. I KNOW there are children involved, but I don’t have to be reminded every other word.

Anyway, if you liked part in the series than this one is quite a safe read. Part 3 is out, so I will be checking that out soon and blog about it of course.

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