A Hunted Man – The Men of Halfway House #2

September 14, 2015

15712796A Hunted Man is part 2 in the Men of Halfway House series by Jaime Reese. The setting of the story is the same as part 1, the Halfway House owned by Matt and Julian. Read the review for that here.

Cameron Pierce survived 10 years in prison and is trying to put all of that behind him. He just wants to return to a normal life and never think back of that horrible time in prison. After his release he is put in the Halfway House to learn to deal with society again. A lot has changed in 10 years time.

Pretty soon he manages to find a job in a local coffee house where he specializes in creating coffee art. Every day he practices until it is perfect. And when he meets one of the regular customers he has even more reason to be perfect. He really wants to impress Hunter. But what will Hunter do when he learns Cam has been in prison?

Hunter Donovan is an Assistant State Attorney and justice is everything to him. He loves his job and is very dedicated to it. But soon he learns that his life is also very lonely. He has never taken the time for a relation and where would he even start? Until one day he sees there is a new guy in the coffeeshop he regularly visits. There is something about that new guy that really strikes him. But surely a young guy like that would never fall for an older man like him?

It takes a long time for them to finally come together, but when they do it is unstoppable. However, Cam’s past won’t leave him alone and threatens to come back again to finish him of. Hunter, however, is determined to not let that happen and fight for what he wants. He needs to save Cameron and allow their love to grow.

This second story was even better than the first one, adding drama, tension and a lot of excitement to the story. I could totally relate to both men and the way they are fighting for their love. Totally believable story for sure.

Also, I need to give a compliment to who ever did the covers of these books. The pictures are fantastic and exactly how I would imagine the guys looking in the book. Great work !!!

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