A Mended Man – The Men of Halfway House #4

May 22, 2016

29774034A Mended Man by Jaime Reese is the 4th part in the Halfway House series. Previously I read and reviewed part 1, 2 and 3. I absolutely loved those parts, so I had high hopes for this new chapter to the story. And were those hopes satisfied? Yes and no, but I will get into that later on.

In all the previous stories we already met Detective Aidan Calloway, dedicated to his job but always remaining some what mysterious. Now we will finally learn his story and what it is that makes him do the things he does every day. All the other people we met still play a role in the background, but will never take the lead.

Aidan is dedicated to his job and fierce about protecting the people and the things he loves the most. He prides himself into never being shocked by anything until one night something happens that does get through his facade. Will he ever be the same again?

Jessie Vega has lived through a lot of pain and trouble in his past. Every time he thinks he has left it all behind, something happens to bring it all back again. And so he needs to learn to depend on other people to help him through. He has to find a way to break through the shield Aidan has raised around himself and make him see there is so much more to gain if you only let people in every now and then.

So together they must learn to live and fight, making sure there are no more threats from the past or anywhere else. Both men need to make big changes in order to give their relation a fighting chance. Will they be able to make it?

Now don’t get me wrong, the story was great and I am glad it ended the way it did, but like so many stories before this one has the problem of just being to easy. Page after page we are being warned for big threats, great trouble and so on. But when it is finally revealed what the big secret is, it turns out to be a small and somewhat insignificant thing that is easily fixed and makes you wonder in the end “What was all the fuzz about anyway?” But all in all a worthy addition to the series, so don’t hesitate to read it.

“You don’t give up, do you?” “Not when it comes to you. No.”“Jess, I’m not easy. I have more baggage than the underbelly of a cargo plane.”“Then I’ll set my bags right next to yours.”

He shook his head. No one had ever been this relentless to be with his miserable ass.

“I’ve got one last question for you,” Jessie said.

Aidan turned his head slightly toward him but refused to make eye contact.

“Do you…” Jessie hesitated and rubbed his hands on his thighs again, revealing a hint of that introverted, vulnerable side others usually saw when they looked at him. “Do you want to be with me?”

Point-blank. That was the million-dollar question that determined how this conversation would end. Even if he did have enough energy to erect his shield, he couldn’t lie to Jessie. He exhaled heavily. “More than anything.” “Then that settles it.” “Jess…it’s not that easy.” “Don’t make it harder.”

Aidan sighed. “I’m not used to this,” he said, gesturing between them with his hand.

“Talking or having a relationship?”

“Either. Both. Fuck if I know.”

“Okay. Well, you’ve never had a problem talking to me before, so we’ll work up to the big stuff. One detail a week. I’m not going to stress you out with a one-a-day quota. One detail we wouldn’t share with anyone else.”

One a week. Aidan forcefully rubbed his hands together. He could handle that. Maybe. Sorta.

“And as far as the whole relationship thing, I’m not an expert. But, we kinda already have something. Don’t you think?” Jessie looked over to him with a hint of a smile playing in his expression, cocking his head.

He definitely wasn’t an expert in relationships, but if Jessie thought this defined a relationship, then maybe he could totally handle this.

Jessie bumped his shoulder. “We’re just missing out on all the fun stuff.”

Aidan groaned. It drove him nuts when Jessie teased him.

You can find Jaime Reese’s personal page here. This book is for sale at Amazon.

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